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Monday Round Up #3 or Spare Days and Extra Projects

So, when I last updated you all, WIPocalypse was going. Since I finished Joyful World on March 27, which meant I had four days to do other projects! It was a lot of fun to work on a bunch of different things. In fact, two things that I can share pictures of!

finally got All Creatures Great and Small or the HAED SAL started! I had some hang ups on colors, but I’m pretty sure I’m happy with the blues I have chosen to do the lettering in. I didn’t get to the lettering in the two days I worked on it, but I am rapidly closing in on a page finish!

All Creatures Great and Small WIP 1

I have decided to do backstitching and beading as I go along, mostly because it is large pages and the beads are easier to do on a tight hoop. I will say, it has required very careful placement of the hoop to avoid these beads, but so far so good. It is my first time beading and I have to say, it went better than I was afraid it was going to! Part 2 has been released, but I’m not worried about keeping this one up to date.

Did I mention the thing is massive? Like 500 x 500 massive! It will look great when it’s finished. This is a fun stitch and actually quite quick to stitch up. There really is something addicting about HAEDs as you work on them.

Then Blitzen came out and got a full day of work.

Blitzen WIP 4

He now has most of his antlers, some backstitching and one of those lovely swirls. I love working on him! It was hard to put down. I hope to work on him a bit more soon! He stitches up so quickly and progress is easy to see and make. One more push and I think I’ll have the main body of the reindeer done and will be able to start either the trees around him or the border or both.

I also got quite a bit of progress done on The Super Secret Project. I’m closing in on a page finish. HAEDs seem to go fast if you can get into a rhythm with the project. This month, I also plan to pull out Moonlight Serenade at least twice and get some good progress on it.

Birthstone DragonsRainbow, and Fabulous Women in History also dropped their April pieces. Birthstone Dragons is one my hoop and I expect to finish it by Wednesday. I’d have a picture… but honestly… pulling my pieces out of the hoop and then putting them back and fighting with the grime guard is a pain. Maybe I’ll get a picture up later today.

And that’s all for now! Until next time!

Stay sane and don’t die!
❤ Madison


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