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Pokémonday #4 – Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

When we last left our heroine: Following a disappointing first round at the Cyllage City gym, Blushie ultimately was victorious against the Rock Type pokémon! Time, however, was reset leaving her to struggle through the Berry Fields and onwards towards her next adventure… Well, it’s been a few months (like seven of them)… So this is… Continue reading Pokémonday #4 – Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

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Stitching Sundays #9 or Changing Tactics

So I had fun this week. There is a sale going on at work, but the nature of my work means that I’m still sitting doing nothing or polishing the floors. Again. My work is really slow (I sell expensive shoes in a boutique at a destination complex… ie, people rarely just wander in). Because… Continue reading Stitching Sundays #9 or Changing Tactics