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Monday Round Up #4 or WIPocalypse March

WIPocalypseWell, we’re back again with another update! It’s a day late, but I was so close to finishing March on Joyful World that I didn’t really want to pull it out of the hoop and then put it back in there. It has a ton of fabric to manage!

Lots of progress with the SALs this month which means extra work towards other projects! I think Blitzen or Moonlight will be pulled out and put on the hoop today! So without too much intro, let’s get moving on the updates!

WIPocalypse is hosted by Melissa on Measi’s Musings. She has challenged us to stitch as much as we can before the end of the world! Or the end of the year, whichever comes first! Make sure to check out everyone’s updates!

Overall, I was very pleased with March. I was not expecting as much progress as I have gotten, but definitely am pleased! I even got some work on the Super Secret Project. I’m not as far as I wish I were but progress is progress.  The fact that I’m getting it out about once a week is pretty awesome!

In other news, I managed to pick out the additional colors that I want to put into the HAED SAL. I plan on starting it officially tonight as well.

Then we get into the actual progress. First up, we have Rainbow by Connie Gee Designs. March’s color was DMC 744:

It looks really pretty in person but is a little Rainbow SAL Marchhard to see on camera. I love the design. It only took two days to finish and might have been finished in one day. One of these months, I’m actually going to finish one of the patterns in a day. I worked only a little on the border and haven’t had a chance to pull it out and iron it.

What’s really cool is that with next month’s finish, the first row will be done and the color scheme will start to come together! I can’t wait to see how everything lines up!

Following my finish with Rainbow, I picked up Birthstone Dragons. I finished Aquamarine in about five days. I think it took about two days to get the backstitching done. It was pretty extensive:

But I cannot argue with the results. This little guy is definitely a boy and he’s trying to make sure Amethyst didn’t see him find his little gem. I loved working with those blues. I can’t wait for Diamond next month and the start of Row 2!

Birthstone Dragons Jan-Mar

Following my completion of Aquamarine, I moved onto Fabulous Women In History. Fab Women in History MarchLast time I talked about it, I had just finished Cleopatra.  Now Joan joins her and look at that cute little horse! I loved that. I am very very curious about what that phase will say and what fabulous women will be next.

Joan stitched up more quickly than Cleo did. Probably because of the large amounts of solid colors. I really enjoyed this one, as usual. This is my mother’s favorite of the SALs, so that’s a fun fact! It is filling in nicely and I can’t wait to see which block comes in next! Part of me wants to see the top row fill in first, but we might go all the way tot the bottom as well. I’ll know on Saturday!

Fab Women in History Jan-mar

After I finished Fabulous Women I moved onto Joyful World: Joyful World March

This one was a lot of fun and I loved the colors. The big heron was a pain to do though. I kept miscounting and having to frog. I enjoyed how busy this one was. And sadly, I discovered that I had the entire inner part exactly one half stitch to the left… but I’m not going to concern myself with fixing it. The beauty of 32 ct. linen is you can’t really tell it’s off unless you actually look really really hard.

April is an adorable little bunny and squirrel. I can’t wait to get started on it! And like Rainbow, April will finish up the first row and we can move onto the next one and slowly fill the piece of fabric. Maybe I’ll work on the border with one of the last few days. I’m loving the way it’s looking!

Joyful World Jan-Mar

And that is all for the projects. Now for the question of the month:

What stitchy blogs, groups, or flosstubes do you follow and why?

Oh boy… uh, a ton of blogs! The big ones would be OhSewCraftySerendipitous Stitching, Sew Scrap Muse, Needle Pen SwordVanya SulieImp StitcherLady Stitch a LotMeasi’s Musing, and Stitching in Sunny Cal. But I check on a number of others too… honestly more than I can link. With Flosstube, it’s MsOhSewCrafty, StashQueen, and CoffeeStitcher so far, but I’m slowly discovering more and more. For groups it’s Stitching Pirates on DA, Stitch Maynia, Heaven and Earth Designs, and Stitch from Stash. I’m usually really quiet on the stuff I follow, but I love seeing everyone’s thoughts and projects!

And that is all for now! Until next time!

Stay sane and don’t die!
❤ Madison


2 thoughts on “Monday Round Up #4 or WIPocalypse March

  1. I love your women in history – now I’m wishing I would have started this one. hopefully the chart will e available later. your dragons are so cute too, congrats on keeping up with all of your monthly SALs.


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