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Monday Round Up #2 or One SAL to Go

So it’s been like two weeks… whoops. I definitely spent last Monday in a haze. I promise there are very good reasons for this haze, and soon I can share! But I did get stitching done, which is most important! Sadly, due to certain reasons at home I am getting more stitching done at work… yes… Work pays me to stitch right now. Win-Win.

So let’s talk about the progress. Starting with Cloudsfactory’s Fabulous Women. I finished February featuring Marie Curie and Virginia Wolf.


You know, lighting at my house really sucks. Anyway, I spent 8ish days on these ladies. Virginia took longer than Marie did. I’m super excited to see Marie on here as she is one lady I loved studying in school. And despite my love of literature… I haven’t actually read anything by Ms. Wolfe… honestly I haven’t even read the play Who Killed Virginia Wolfe but at least I knew who she was, right? I’m really enjoying this pattern and can’t wait to see who’s next!


And to see this fill up with lovely ladies!

Then I pulled out Blitzen for a day because I needed something else before diving into Joyful World.


Blitzen has a head now! Yay! He is a really fast stitch and I really think I should just spend some more time with him and crank out a big finish. Then I remember that there is beading involved and that still scares me. I’ll get there though. Right now, I’m looking forward to doing the antlers next. I might cycle back to him after Joyful World.

Speaking of which I am enjoying Joyful World February much more than I did January. I’m actually clicking with this one and I can’t figure out why. Maybe I got all my new pattern mess ups done with January (of which, there are a lot. I may have to frog a bit of January because I caught something and… yeah… we’ll see).
joyful-world-feb-wip-1 There’s only three days of work into February, but I’d say I’m much further along than I was with January. I think some of it is not doing the border all in one go. I hope to get one more duck done and some more of the top and bottom borders today. Since I have time for stitching stuff.

611 (the border) and my fabric have this interesting thing. See, when I’m working with it close up I can barely distinguish it from the fabric. However, once I step back a bit, like three feet or so, you can clearly see the difference. Makes me wonder if maybe I shouldn’t have swapped out 420 back in January. That, however, is not the error I’m speaking of when I say I might do some massive frogging. I’ve made my bed with the January border and I’m not pulling it out. I might put 420 back in next time it pops up and give it a chance.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at. I have 8 days to finish Joyful World, let’s hope I can get it done. And maybe have an extra day to spend on some other stuff. I have gotten a little work into the Super Secret Project, but not near enough to be where I want to be. I need to spend a few days with it. Also, Moonlight and Night Before Christmas need some love.

That’s all from me. Until next time!

Stay sane and don’t die!
❤ Madison


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