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Monday Round Up #1 or Not as Catchy

So, I have been working every Sunday for weeks and am unlikely to stop working Sundays any time soon. Since my lack of being able to sit down and take pictures and properly write, this has lead to no Sunday Stitching updates. I have decided to move it to Mondays which I almost always have off. I have been thinking about this for a while, I have finally decided to go for it.

Sadly, I am lacking the ability to think of a catchy name. So we’ll just go with the Monday Round Up. So, lets talk about the stitching!

Starting from last week, I actually managed to finish Joyful World January on the 30th! It was a close call, I was worried I wasn’t going to make it for the Stitch from Stash check in.

Joyful World January.jpg

I changed the raven/crow to a dove. Mostly because I have an irrational dislike of crows. This is likely traced back to a particular scene in the Fellowship of the Ring. If you don’t know, Lord of the Rings (mostly the books but somewhat the movies) have completely shaped my world view.

Those eyelets were scary at first, but they got really easy! and they turned out so pretty! I’m glad I did them instead of blocks of cross stitch.

So here is what the whole piece looks like right now:

Joyful World Full.jpg

It is a big piece of fabric. Really big. If I get February finished and have some extra time, I’ll start the border around the whole thing. I’m looking forward to seeing this filled in!

Then I took the 31st off stitching and kitted Birthstone Dragons. Then I started Amethyst. I finished her after about four days of stitching.

birthstone-dragon-februaryThere she is in all her greedy glory. While Garnet looked very majestic or even analytical of his little jewel, Amethyst looks like she is either trying to shield it from suspicious eyes or is about to eat it. Maybe she’s like Spike from My Little Pony and eats gems for nutrients.

In any case, this piece was actually deceptively complex. Mostly because of that backstitching. It took me about a day and a half to get it done. But thankfully I didn’t have to pull any out. It was just a lot. And gosh darn it if Amethyst doesn’t look fabulous with it! I mean seriously, I am taking pictures of the pre-backstitch and the difference is insane! birthstone-dragons-feb-no-backstitchThis is definitely a piece that needs it’s backstitching. There was also a difficult moment in that I could swear I had more 208, but when I went to grab it, what I had in the bag was 209 and I couldn’t find any 208 so I had to run over to Michaels and grab more. So that also put a damper in my stitching plans.

Anyway, she is back in the bag and ready for next month. March will bring us Alexandrite, which sounds like another female dragon. It’s the first one with two alternate color schemes, but I am going to go with the one that is mostly blue. Since blue is my favorite color. I see no fault to this logic. Looking forward to March.


Then I pulled out Connie Gee’s Rainbow SAL.

Rainbow SAL Feb.jpgWhen I first saw February’s pattern I was rather put off. I didn’t like it. However, I decided to do it anyway and as I was stitching it, it turned out… I liked it. I don’t know if it just grew on me or if it is one of those things you just have to see stitched.

I did this one in DMC 722. I really like this orange. It was a lot of fun and very therapeutic to work on. The fun thing about these patterns is just how symmetrical they are. Once I have the basics memorized, I don’t need to constantly reference the pattern. It’s a lot of fun overall.

Then I finished the rest of today with working on a bit more of the border. To be honest, I’ve got the border more or less done through August. My current plan is to work on it every month for an extra day and hopefully the whole border will be done in May.

Rainbow SAL WIP 4.jpg

I may work on it some more this month though. It’s a tough piece to put down once you get going. But Fabulous women in history is calling my name (more swirls!). I hope to get this month’s ladies done this upcoming week and then get onto Joyful World February and maybe a few other projects. We’ll see how things look tomorrow. I have a solo shift at work, which usually means long periods of time alone with nothing but stitching to do.

Until next time!

Stay sane and don’t die!
❤ Madison


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