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WIPocalypse January or Stitching A-Long

WIPocalypseWell, it’s the last Sunday of January, and even though the moon isn’t full, it is time for a WIPocalypse update! WIPocalypse is hosted by Melissa of Measi’s Musings. She has challenged us to stitch as much as we can before the world ends.

This month I have managed a lot of stitching. But it was mostly spread out over five pieces out of the rather sizable pile of WIPs. I did manage a little bit of stitching on The Night Before Christmas and Blitzen, but not really enough to get pictures of. The five pieces I worked diligently on include the Super Secret Project which is going well. I did skip it this week, but if all goes to plan today, I might be able to get back to it and several others before the end of the month.

So let’s talk about the other four projects. Up first, Birthstone Dragons.

Last month, I was here with borders done about to start my little Garnet:


Here we are this month with Garnet in place:


So this guy got three days of work, which was all he needed. This is Garnet, yes I’m naming them after their gemstones. I’m so clever. And yes, this Garnet is male. I always thought it was more of a male name. Anyway, naming aside, he was a fun stitch. I have talked about him several other times, so I’ll keep it brief. Basically, I love the Birthstone SAL and can’t wait to pull it back out on Wednesday when Amethyst arrives.

After I finished Garnet, Rainbow SAL came out. Last month, here I was:


I had finished the borders for the top row and was ready for January’s pattern. Now I’m “here”:

Rainbow SAL WIP 3.jpg

Note, this picture is not quite up to date. I have actually finished that circle and started the other motif to the left. But, I didn’t really want to pull it out of the bag and iron it and take a new picture. Now, there is also the beautiful January pattern up there. I have also talked about this pattern before, so I’m gonna keep it short. I’m picking colors out of my stash, and they have all been picked. January is DMC 309. It probably took about 7 hours and my hand cramped quite a bit. I think I was holding the hoop too tight. It all worked out though and this guy looks great!

Then came January 10th and the Cloudsfactory Fabulous Women in History. I had nothing done last month, but it was kitted in early January and now it is here:


I chose to use DMC conversions for the Weeks Work Dye (mostly cause I have no way to get them except online and online was out of stock where I usually go.) To be honest, I really like the solid colors over the Weeks Work Dyes from what i have seen in other’s work. I really enjoyed working on this one, but it featured both backstitching (evil) and french knots (more evil). I am glad it worked out as well as it did. This one took about 5 days of work and is starting in the middle. I’m really wondering how these are going to overlap and excited to see it grow!

Also SWIRLS!!!! and we all know how much I love Cloudsfactory swirls! I can’t wait for more of those!

Finally, I have the Joyful World – January. Last month, I had it kitted:joyful-world-january-kitted

I did put in quite a bit of work. I feel as if I’m not quite clicking with this project, or else I’m just not devoting the hours to it. So now I’m here:


Honestly, I do enjoy some parts of it, and some parts I’m questioning it. I’m looking forward to seeing the whole thing though. I do think the fox is adorable. I’m wondering about the eyelet stitch though, whether I’m actually going to do it or if I’m just gonna sub in a few rows of regular crosses. I suppose we’ll see how today’s stitching goes.

Every month Melissa asks us a question. This month it is:

What Stitch-a-Longs (SALs) are you participating in this year?

Uh… lol, all of the above are apart of the SALs I’m doing. But, I’ll list them here too!

  1. Ingleside Imaginarium Birthstone Dragons
  2. Cloudsfactory Fabulous Women in History
  3. Connie Gee Design Rainbow SAL
  4. Snowflower Diaries Joyful World Calendar
  5. Heaven and Earth Design’s Mystery Sampler SAL (starting in March)
  6. WIPocalypse
  7. Smalls SAL
  8. Stitch from Stash A
  9. Stitching Pirates Annual Halloween SAL (starting in August)

I’m keeping an eye on the following:

  1. Lakeside Fantasy SAL (they are halfway done, but I love it and may get it anyway)
  2. Frosted Pumpkin Once Upon a Time (I love what I see. Darn it!)

I feel as if I’m forgetting something… but I can’t figure out what it is. I’m sure I’ll remember eventually. Anyway, I think that is all from me this month. Until next time!

Stay sane and don’t die!
❤ Madison


10 thoughts on “WIPocalypse January or Stitching A-Long

  1. Oh your little dragon looks really cute =)
    The WDW seem to be out of stock lately, I waited 3 weeks for mine to arrive (and then one color was missing, I didn’t even get a notification on it…) I think the WDW are pretty, but they are also more expensive, especally if you have to order them in. And I think the DMC conversion matches quite well =)
    The joyful world piece really looks lovely, great work on it =)


      1. I think the other one I’m watching is the Brooke’s Books Dress Up Princesses. I don’t like them enough to commit to all twelve, but I do have a very serious love of Belle’s dress and am eager to see what they design for her.


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