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Smalls SAL January or Here There be Dragons

2017smallssal-2So I saw this SAL on a number of blogs all through the last year, but I never really had anything to contribute to it. Though I did consider doing the Neglected Floss SAL as apart of it. I did have a lot to do, so it slid. This year I actually have some good entries with my Birthstone Dragons and Rainbow SAL.

So without further ado, the smalls SAL is hosted by Heather of Stitching Lotus. Each month we are supposed to stitch a “small” piece. But we get to decide what small is. This is pretty great. I’m using both the Birthstone Dragons SAL and the Rainbow SAL for this check in.

birthstone-dragons-garnet-with-backstitchingFirst up we have Garnet the Western dragon. I just love this pattern. I love everything about this pattern. He is adorable. I love how much detail there is in such a small space. I also really really really hate how much the backstitch outline adds, darn it!

Backstitching and I have a love hate relationship. In that I hate doing it, but I tend to love how it looks at the end. Isn’t that just the way? However, I am hoping that backstitching is the worst of it and there are no knots or anything super complex to come. I’m looking forward to February and the amethyst dragon.

rainbow-sal-januaryAnd the next small design is the Rainbow SAL. Every month is a new geometric design and I’m excited to see the  colors come together. This month I used DMC 309 as the color. This was a really quick stitch, about 7 hours. It was a lot of fun and I’m really looking forward to next month.

I still have not finished the border on this one, but I figure if I spend three days focusing on this piece a month, I’ll finish up the border in short order.

I am really liking these small pieces. I like having the small finishes every month. I will probably devote a week in February to these two. They were quick, they were fun, and they were rewarding!

That’s all from me. Until next time.

Stay sane and don’t die!
❤ Madison


10 thoughts on “Smalls SAL January or Here There be Dragons

  1. They’re both very pretty! I’m still on the fence about purchasing the birthstone dragons… will likely do so at the end of the SAL once I know what they are, just because I have so many projects in my stash right now. 🙂 Congrats on the two stage finishes!


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