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Stitching Sundays #30 or Already Blew the Budget

But you know what? That HAED sale was too good to pass up. And of course they added Countesses just after I placed the order for the needle threader and I’m still thinking of getting it so… we’ll just have to see how I feel next month. Anyway, besides blowing the budget and having to replace roll of blending filament, things were pretty darn good this week stitching wise.

So, let’s get talking about the pieces.

First up, we have Birthstone Dragons: Garnet.

birthstone-dragons-garnet-with-backstitchingI started this little guy on the first. So, technically a new start right? Yes! He was a lot of fun! He took me three days, but really only about 10 hours. I loved the color shifts on it! Everything made since once it was complete.

I usually find myself questioning patterns for quite some time. Especially in the initial stages of construction. But I am constantly reminded that the designers know what they are doing.

Also, as much as I dislike backstitch… it increasingly makes it impossible for me to ignore it or find a way to get rid of it. Especially when it makes the dragon looks so good. I also didn’t realize the dragon was actually holding a garnet until someone on the Facebook group pointed it out. Basically, I love this pattern and eagerly look forward to February 1st for the amethyst.

Birthstone Dragons WIP1.png
One down, eleven to go

Then I worked on Rainbow SAL:

rainbow-sal-januaryI pushed this one out in about 7 hours. I know that for sure because I worked on it exclusively on Wednesday for most of my shift. It is freezing here in Colorado right now and no one wants to buy shoes when it’s freezing. Because that involves taking your nice, warm ones off.

Anyway, I also have picked out the colors for this one. I was tempted to do a one-a-month choice, but then decided to pull them all out at once. I’m very glad I did that. I mostly followed the suggestions in the color family choices (red, orange, orange, yellow, yellow, yellow, green, green, green, blue, blue, purple). I got help from my sister, who is a professional artist so I know the color scheme works. Though she really wanted thirteen colors. January is done in DMC 309. I loved how it turned out! I also worked on the borders some more, and hopefully will get those finished by the end of this month.

Rainbow SAL WIP 2.jpg
One month | five circles | about half way

The third project I get to share is some more work on Blitzen:

Blitzen WIP 2.jpg

I finished his (holly?) wreath and his harness minus beads. This marked my first time working with kreinik and I have to say it wasn’t as bad as I was afraid it would be. Which is a very good thing because Moonlight Serenade has a lot of #032. I did not want to put this one down! But if I was going to get anything done on other projects, it had to be put up. I’ll probably put in another day or two of effort next week.

Then I also worked on the Super Secret Project for my mother. Sadly, no picture for that one. I was having some difficulty with it, and wasn’t enjoying it. Then yesterday for some reason, I just started clicking! I am very excited about that! Hopefully, I can keep that progress going and going. It is a very long way to the finish line.

This upcoming week, I’m going to start Joyful World. It is ready to go, but I just haven’t started it. I’m excited because I’ve wanted to start it for a while. I’ll also work on Rainbow’s border more (I’m trying to work on it for a little every night before bed.) I also get the first part of the Fabulous Women in History SAL on the 10th, so that’ll get some work.

And that is all for now. Until next time!

Stay sane and don’t die!
❤ Madison


3 thoughts on “Stitching Sundays #30 or Already Blew the Budget

  1. I just found your blog and am really excited to see each of your projects through the year. The birthstone dragon looks really nice, the whole set together will be really colourful.


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