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WIPocalypse January First or So It Begins


So I missed December, but that’s ok. I was quite busy! Especially towards the center of the month. That is the difficult thing with retail. You never know how much time you’ll actually have. Also, getting all the WIPs out and pictures taken… yeah… it sort of… got tiring especially on Sunday Mornings. But I’ll recap last year and update you on this year in one post! So lets get this going!

WIPocalypseWIPocalypse is hosted by Melissa of Measi’s Musings. She challenges us to stitch as mu, ch as we can before the world ends! Which, it didn’t last night so let’s see what 2017 does for us!

Each month we are given a question to answer. I usually talk about that at the end, but since it is actually the entire theme of the Jan. 1st post, I’ll talk about it now. We are supposed to introduce ourselves, our projects and goals for the year; talk about our plants, etc. Last month asked for a recap of the year and since I missed December you get both!!

Who am I? Well, that is a serious philosophical question. I suppose the short answer is I’m Madison and I work retail as the day job. I’m fortunate enough to work in a small shoe boutique where foot traffic is slow and therefore can cross stitch on work hours. I enjoy crime dramas (especially Criminal Minds), most anything on Discovery Channel but my favorites to watch during stitching hours are River Monsters and Untold Stories of the ER – medical pseudo drama or not, it is a really interesting show. I also enjoy listening to audiobooks. I am a massive Lord of the Rings fan and I proudly wear it on my sleeve. I have the most Precious Austrailian Shepherd who is my baby.

and of course I need to share her picture

Trust me, when re-reading Lord of the Rings since getting my Precious, I keep picturing an adorable little dog instead of a golden and evil ring… it makes it a lot more entertaining. The only sport I semi-follow is American Football… and even then it isn’t very closely. And that’s all from me!

So, continuing on from last year we have Aurora (Dimensions):

aurora-wip-12Here I am at the top of the year! I was going to try and finish it last year… and then I wanted to try and get the top half done. I did neither (for many reasons) but I made significant progress. I hope to continue making progress. I don’t think I’m going to finish it (for reasons that will be come apparent shortly) but I hope to just keep working on it.

Next we have Moonlight Serenade (HAED)


Ah… Moonlight and me… we have had a long and twisted history. Last year, I finally started it and then had two major setbacks. Now, however, I think I have this one beaten and ready to just keep going forward. My goal would be to finish Page 1 and Page 2.

Another from HAED, SK Effects of Caffeine:

SK Effects of Caffine WIP 3.png

This hasn’t gotten much progress. It’s been sitting in the car. But I didn’t start it with any particular goals in mind. I really love the stitches 2×2 and even if it is large, I love doing it! My very loose plan on it is to work on it once a month. I’d love to get the first page done. Two pages would make me thrilled!

Then we come to The Night Before Christmas (Prairie Schooler):

TNBC WIP 2.jpgI started this one in early December when I really just wanted something Christmas related and I hadn’t figured out what I was gonna do with the Christmas Couriers. It is a nice, easy pattern and I can easily see myself successfully completing it by Christmas of this year.

In fact, I’d really like to be done with it by June. So I can get it all framed and ready to be gifted to my Grandmother (at least, this is my plan. But I love this pattern so much, it may stay with me forever.) We’ll have to see.

Next up from last year Tale as Old as Time (Ashley Mae/Pinkythepink):


My neglected love. I really intend to finish this one at some point (and then start Ariel). But first, I suppose I have to finish Belle. My goal here for the year will be to complete the cross stitching on the bottom half and complete the backstitching. Will not attempt to beed until everything is finished. My hope is that my newly-acquired skill with the pin stitch will let me tackle the backstitching with more ease. My other goal would be to work on it at least once a month.

Now onto the new toys. Starting with Christmas Eve Couriers – Blitzen (Nora Corbett):

Blitzen WIP 1.jpg

He was started December 19th, 2016 (but I haven’t blogged in a while, so this is the first you are seeing him). He’s only have five days of work, and he’s looking great. He is pretty much as charged, though I couldn’t find a supplier of Wisper thread locally and couldn’t find one online either, so I went with B5200 for the tail. He is being stitched on 32 Belfast CRYSTAL “Helix” by PictureThisPlus. I adore this fabric because it really does look like a snowy sky. And its sparkly! I love sparkle!

Once he is done, I will be working on Donner. I want to have both of them FFO’d by Christmas of this year. I’d also like to acquire the rest of the set and stitch at least one more (probably Comet).

Next up we have Birthstone Dragon SAL (Ingleside Imaginarium):

Border and Start Jan1.jpgHere is where I am as of right now. The Garnet dragon of January was released, and I intend to work on him soon! I am doing all colors as charted 2×2 on 28 Cashel “Regency” by PictureThisPlus. I’m really looking forward to this one. The Garnet is so adorable.

In fact, I think I’m going to call him Garnet. Or Garret. We’ll see. I look forward to stitching on this one every month. I’ll also be using it as my entry into the Smalls SAL. Each dragon is a bit smaller than 40 x 40. So I think that’ll help me stay motivated! Border was started on December 16, 2016 and finished December 26, 2016, so it got 8 days of work.

Next on the SAL scene is Rainbow SAL (Connie Gee Designs):

Rainbow WIP 1.jpg

I really love the design on this one. I’m unlikely to use any of the recommended colors, mostly because I’m trying to stitch this one completely from stash! Why? Because I have a lot of stash and several really pretty colors that I never use there. I’m stitching 2×1 on 18 count Aida white. It was the only piece of fabric I had that would fit it. The 28 cashel I had was just a bit too small. I do enjoy Aida though, but not as much as I like the linens. This one is a lot of fun so far, but no January pattern yet. I’m using DMC 310, 644, and 646. I was tempted to use some of my MadXStitcher variants, but I was worried about not having enough. I began this pattern on December 12, 2016 and have put in 9 days on it. I’m honestly thinking that I should time all my works, as I’m working on more than one in a day often enough.

Next we have a brand new start in Little Snap Dragon (Kustom Krafts):

Little Snap Dragon Kitted.jpg

I am in love with this artwork and look forward to experiencing this pattern! I love the colors (though I am so sick of bobbining it isn’t even funny). This is going to be stitched 2×2 on a bit of hand-dyed beige, 32 count linen. I received this linen in a HAED Addict’s Packet and it was the right size, count, and color. But I cannot remember what this was because I took off the sticker… Oh well. I’m excited to start this one. Probably tomorrow or Tuesday (yay three-day weekend). I would love to finish this one, but I will accept working on it twice a month.

Then we have the Super Secret Gift:

This one is classified. Why? Because the person I’m making it for (my mother) reads this blog from time to time and I want her to stay in the dark about it. Info? It is being stitched on 2×2 28 count evenweave “antique white”. I do enjoy the evenweaves for this particular type of project. My goal here is to finish by November so I can get it ready for Christmas 2017. Failing that, I want it finished by March 2018 for her birthday in April. I may update you guys and let you know how its going, but other than that, no pictures till after the gift is given. It’ll be an awesome Reflections Post.

After the Super Secret Project we have Joyful World SAL (Snowflower Diaries):

Joyful World January Kitted.jpg

The whole thing is ready to go! At least, I hope so. I either over-purchased or under-purchased threads and we will find out more after January and I get a handle on the actual thread usage. It will be done as charted, 2×2 on 32 count Belfast “Ale” by PictureThisPlus (see a theme? I love their fabric). I’m going to be doing the entire set on one piece of fabric. I also am aiming to finish each month in the month it is named for. So, yes, I’m doing a lot of monthly SALs. See why so many of my goals are “Work on Once a Month”?

Last but not least we have Fabulous Women in History SAL (Cloudsfactory):

fabwomenbuttonThis pattern isn’t being released till the 10th. So I have nothing to show. I will be doing all colors as charted, 2×2 on 32 count Belfast “Whimsy” by PictureThisPlus. The only exception is that I will not be doing the Weeks Dye Works threads and will be using their alternate DMC conversions. Mostly, this is because I don’t know when the colors they used will be avalible and I want to actually finish in the month they are released. I love Cloudsfactory work and I really look forward to seeing it more and more!

And I think that is all I have! I will have links to all WIPocalypse posts in the “WIPocalypse” tab. I also will have more detailed info/photos in the Year of SALs tab for all the SALs I’m keeping up with! I look forward to many finishes in 2017 and lots of enjoyable blogs!

Until next time.

Stay Sane and Don’t Die.
❤ Madison


5 thoughts on “WIPocalypse January First or So It Begins

  1. Oh I might have to have the Fabulous Women in History 🙂 Would love to see it before ordering, so might wait a little bit longer before ordering. Love your project list and update from December.


    1. Thank you! I’m looking forward to Fabulous Women, but I have loved a great many of Cloudsfactory’s patterns, so I’m trusting it’ll turn out great! Plus the fabric is pretty.


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