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Stitching Sundays #29 or Christmas is Coming

Have I ever mentioned that I love Christmas? I really do! I love this holiday, the season, the music! Seriously, this is the only time of year I listen to the radio! It doesn’t help that the radio in my car is mostly broken… but I fight for my Christmas Music!!

So this week, I spent most of my time split between Aurora and Moonlight Serenade.

Moonlight got about two days of work. Last week, I was here:


And this morning I was here:

MS WIP 3.3.jpg

I’m finally getting into some areas with large batches of color. I’m also happy that I’m getting most of the colors parked. This gets squares done quickly! Which means quick progress! Maybe third time really is the charm!! This one I plan on being the At Home project (or the Day Off Project) for the upcoming year until I get a page finished. Then I’ll pick another project to be the At Home one.

With Aurora, I worked on her this week at work for 3 days. Last week, I was here:


This week I am here:

Aurora WIP 11.jpg

Sorry the picture is tilted. But I’m so close to the top edge its awesome! Then I’ll just have to do that corner over there and I only have a few more sections to do and the upper right page will be done! I’m having a lot of fun with it! It’s been a very rewarding chart. In the upcoming year I plan on working on Aurora at least one week a month. She stitches up the fastest of my current WIPs so my hope is that I make massive progress and one week will give a lot of progress.

But, wait, I worked four days this week, and I only worked on Aurora three of those days? Was I too busy to cross stitch one of those days? Actually, I started a new project! I know, I know, I said I wasn’t going to start anything new till January (or I get my reindeer fabric). But then my new pattern from Prairie Schooler came in and… Yeah! Christmas Stitching!


I’ll be doing the Night Before Christmas by Prairie Schooler! I will be working on this one every day, and for an added bonus I’m going to attempt to post my progress daily on it! I also intend to work on Moonlight or Aurora and get Belle ready to get into the rotation.

So here is where I am for December 3:


Which is coincidently where I am for the week as well. Since I only worked one day on it (and really then only like an hour). I have made some progress since then (my computer is super slow when editing pictures). This pattern only has six colors (a first for me) so I’m hoping it stitches up quickly. I’m super excited for my first Christmas project!

I’ve been thinking about stitching in the upcoming year. I am going to make a rotation and stick to it, because I have quite a few projects I want to get going! This includes at least one monthly SAL and two new HAEDs. It’ll be a great deal of fun!

That’s all for now! Until next time!

Stay sane and don’t die.
❤ Madison


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