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Stitching Sundays #28 or November Post-WIPocalpyse

WIPocalypseSo… I’m late. Working retail means November is pretty busy. The days off have been busy as well. My normal break pattern completely different because of the convention at the start of the month and the holiday season. Then I got the PS4, Witcher, Pokémon Sun, and Skyrim Special Edition my stitching has been a bit on the slow side. Or at least, it feels that way.

But, at least I’m posting the November WIPocalypse in November right? That’s gotta count.

Without further ado, let’s get to the meat of the post. WIPocalypse is hosted by Melissa over on Measi’s Musings. She challenges us to stitch as much as possible before the end of the world. Or at least till the end of the year. And here is what I worked on.


Last update, I was here:


And this month:


I worked on Aurora for about two days, she stitches up quite quickly. I enjoy her a lot. I’m almost to the top edge and the upper right corner! I would like get the upper right half finished (more or less) by the end of December. I think it’s very possible.

SK Effects of Caffeine

Last month I was here:


And this week:


I put in a few more stitches yesterday after I took this picture, but there isn’t much progress to be mentioned. The gold decorations are actually quite pretty. But I’m in a section with a lot of confetti and it’s a little slow going.

Moonlight Serenade

Last month:


This month:


Got another row finished and am about half way through the third row. Seems like third time’s the charm. This one is stitching up pretty well. Some squares go faster than others. Some are super confetti-full.

Now, onto the question for the month:

What pattern (or designer) is on your must-try-to-stitch bucket list?

This is a loaded question! I have quite a few so I will give you the highlights (and the ones that are being kitted up coincidentally).

Little Snap Dragon by Kustom Krafts

06-2515I fell in love with this when I was first starting to look through stitching blogs. I believe the first person I saw was Jo over on Serendipitous Stitching. It took me a while to find (I had not yet discovered 123Stitch). I was so excited when I stumbled on it!

It is now fully kitted, I just need to bobbin the threads. I have the proper fabric (randomly gained through HAED Addict’s Packet). This was pretty awesome because it was just the right color, size, and stitch count!

I plan on starting this one in the new year. Probably sometime in January.

Christmas Couriers by Nora Corbett

I fell in love with the reindeer when I first saw them over on Oh Sew Crafty by Stephanie. I recently managed to get Donner and Blizen. I purchased the fabric for these guys (some really pretty PictureThisPlus hand dyed fabric that I think will work great). I intend to start them ASAP. I won’t have any done for Christmas, but I am pretty sure I can get both done in the upcoming year. I’ll keep you guys updated!

Matthew Steward (HAED)matt_stewart-the-rangerjpg-image-400x494

I adore this artist’s work. Particularly his Lord of the Rings inspired pieces. I already own four of his patterns (Light in the Dark, the Ranger, Shield Maiden, Honor Restored) Currently due for starting sometime in the new year is the Ranger. The fact is, this looks so much like the scene in the book that it makes me squeal in delight.

This is going to by my second full sized HAED but will be my first on large count (I’ll be doing over 2×2 on 36 count linen of some sort). I am super super excited to start this sometime in spring. I haven’t decided if I’m going to do a hand dyed effect (because I always see fabric through my coverage and I like it) or do a while fabric and enjoy the looks. Or go with an off white color and enjoy it too. It’ll be a lot of fun.

And that’s all for this one. I’m off to go play video games. Final Fantasy XV just came out and I’m going to play it! Until next time:

Stay sane and don’t die!
❤ Madison


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