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Stitching Sundays #25 or Spooks and Spectres

Kubo and the Two Strings was amazing. Can I just start with that? Spooky imagery and a few scenes straight out of my nightmares. No spoilers but, seriously go see it! Yes, an early morning movie with my sister is the reason I didn’t post this earlier. Now, let’s talk about the past few days (weeks) of stitching.

First let’s talk about Chibi Chocobo:

Chibi chocobo WIP 4

This is currently where I am with this pattern. I am not a fan. I don’t like the colors, I don’t like the confetti. It makes little sense. I think this will become an UFO. I worked on it quite a bit in the week before the Stitching Pirates SAL and I’m surprised that it’s just not coming together. I have seen other completed works by this designer and I’m wondering if this isn’t just an old project that they have since learned more.

Anyway, this one is going away for a long, long time. Possibly forever.

But the one I really want to talk about is Whacky Witches in Stitches:


Using an old kitted picture because I never did get a shot with the right fabric. I started this one on August 15, 2016, right on schedule. I have been working with variegated threads in my NFSAL but this was my first venture with Weeks Worth Dye. I’m liking the effect.

This was the progress at the end of week one:
Whacky Witches WIP 1

The purple and the blue actually look like there was some thought put behind where the colors were put! Like that is pretty darn awesome! Honestly, the manor was really fun, but I was a but further behind than what I wanted for the first week.

I am loosely trying to finish one “block” a week. But this was an excellent start. The one question I had was the DMC 936… I feel it’s too close to the WDW variegated green… and am thinking about pulling out this color and replacing it with DMC 935 which is darker.

Then the next week saw this:

whacky-witches-wip-2The pattern is so much fun! The witches and the halloween motifs are so cute! The green variegated thread actually looks like there was a plan involved with it! I’m so pleased! And those swirls along the edge? I am totally addicted to them!

Then week three happened:

Whacky Witches WIP 3.jpg

It’s a bad picture, but the top corner sees the beginning of the letters. It was hard not to keep going on those. I was very, very tempted to do at least one more… but I decided it was better to stick with my plan and try to keep up my awesome pace! The ghost gave me some problems and I had to do quite a bit of frogging on him, several times.

I just couldn’t count him right! The problem with linen I think is how hard it is to count… but I’m getting the hang of it with all the white space around each of the little scenes.

This week, though, I fell behind:Whacky Witches WIP 4.jpg

I had some issues this week with stitching. I took Saturday and Sunday off for NDK (an anime convention here in Denver). I enjoyed myself there (maybe I’ll post the bounty next week). I also was housesitting and the place I housesat had nasty lighting so after the sun went down any stitching had to go to.

Fortunately, I had Dragon AgeOrigins to entertain me during the long hours after sunset.

This block also had quite a few color changes that slowed things down. That cake was trouble… lots of skipping rows and colors. Once I got down into the stove things were better… though I had another case of miscounting and I ended up having to frog most of the darn thing.


So I lost a little time there, but I frogged and frogged and then restitched. Now everything is where it should be! I better get stitching if I’m going to catch up! Until next time!

Stay sane and don’t die
❤ Madison

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