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WIPocalypse August or Stuff that Got Done!

WIPocalypseAnother lunar cycle as come and gone. More time to stitch like the world’s about to end! Although, it is a little on the late side. Earlier this month was the Olympic Challenge, which I chose not to participate in because I had one project I needed to pour myself into. I also don’t watch the Olympics. Sports were never my thing.

So without further ado, WIPocalypse is hosted by Mel of Measi’s Musings. Her challenge to us is to stitch as much as we can before the world ends! I don’t actually think this year has a “End of the World” prediction…

Unless you count the election.

There’s my political joke for year. Moving onto the stitching.


This is gonna be a productive post because some stuff got done! Specifically The DaVinci Collie:

for internetStoryKeep The DaVinci Collie FINISH 8-11-2016

This was finished on August 11th, 2016. It was washed and cleaned up and I’m super happy with it! My first HAED finish!!! Check out my longer recap post if you haven’t already! I had a lot of fun with DaVinci Collie and look forward to my next HAED project (or finally picking up Moonlight again… I’ve been promising myself I’d do it for weeks).

Yes this is why I have been behind on my Stitching Sundays. Been stitching!

I picked up Chibi Chocobo as well and got a few more stitches into that one. So I started back up here:


And now I’m here:
Chibi chocobo WIP 4This pattern and I have… issues. I don’t really like it very much and the more I stitch the more questions I have concerning the pattern. I don’t usually have this much doubt but the mantra of “trust the pattern” is not quite working. I maybe end up scrapping this one entirely as I just don’t like it and I want to keep going on Whacky Witches and then pick Aurora and Belle back up. Final judgement has yet to be made though.

Speaking of Whacky Witches that got started on August 15, 2016. I started here:

Although I did change the fabric to the recommended color and count. I’m not ready for 40 count apparently. But I am loving the pattern so far! On Saturday I was here:
Whacky Witches WIP 1Obviously, more has been accomplished since Saturday, but I don’t really want to go grab a new picture so… this will have to do. I am loving the ease of this pattern! I forgot how nice it was to work in blocks of color instead of just crazy small pieces.

It is stitching up quickly so I think I’ll make great progress this week and keep going with the SAL. A finish date of October 15th is looking very promising.

Speaking of finishing, I made a push and am finally and for the first time, totally caught up on Criminal Minds. This has been my “stitching background” show of choice and I finally pushed through the last season this weekend. I cried quite a few times (Jason’s death and Derek’s departure are two big ones). And am hopefully gonna be able to track down Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders because the backdoor pilot was quite interesting.

Sadly, again, I’m starting to see season long arcs and… I don’t particularly like those. I started abandoning Castle when they did arcs and Once Upon a Time is even worse. But, we’ll see. At least with Criminal Minds the “arc” episodes are the first of the season, a teaser in the middle, and then the final two.

Now for the question of the month:

Have you ever read any fictional books that involve embroidery?  If so, give us some recommendations?

Sadly I have read very few things that involve stitching. I read mostly fantasy and swords don’t really work with needles. The exception to this was The Circle of Magic cycle by Tamora Pierce. One of the main characters, Sandry, had “thread magic” so she could do some impressive feats with her needle including a pretty epic climax in the first book where she spins magic together to make it stronger.

It was a good series as I recall and the only example I can think of where embroidery featured at all.

That’s all for this post! Until next time!

Stay sane and don’t die!
❤ Madison


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