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Stitching Sundays #24 or Almost There!

Yup. That’s all. A song that pretty much defines what I’ve been thinking as I chug ahead on The DaVinci Collie. Speaking of progress. Last week:


Then this week:


Huge progress! I think some of the incredible progress was due to having fewer color changes. Sadly, I’ve got a few confetti heavy squares coming up below. Or I’m getting used to parking! I think I may have found my new preferred method. I am almost to a page finish, four rows away! Then it’s onto the last page, which is a partial page. So yeah, I can sing that song! Badly. I have a terrible singing voice. But thankfully not bad enough that my dog tries to join me.

In other news, I started gridding the fabric for The Snowflower Diaries‘ Joyful World Series. Since I love a good series. I also got the fabric for Whacky Witches. I tried to start gridding the fabric I originally had… and quickly realized 40 count was not going to work for me without a magnifying glass and I didn’t really want to go get one. So I ended up getting the recommended fabric (Mirage by Picture This Plus) and I gotta say… I think I’m gonna be a hand-dyed fabric person. My wallet already hurts.

 And that’s all for this week! Until next time!

Stay sane and don’t die!
❤ Madison

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