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Stitching Sundays #22 or Small Victories

Happy Sunday! It’s  hot and dry and my allergies are attempting to murder me! I’m honestly pretty sure about that. I’ve been sneezing up a storm! Been a rather busy week of running around town. Thankfully, I got quite a bit of stitching done!

This week, I decided to take a small break from DaVinci Collie for a few nights and work on the Neglected Floss SAL for Stitching Pirates. I finished April and May.

Pattern by Magical525

In April, I used metallics for the first time. It actually came out really cool. I also used another of the variegated threads I won from the Speed Stitch. This was one was the green/black and it came out really really cool! I actually like how the thread seemed to fade as I moved from the green to the darker colors on the flower stitching. The other tricky bit with this one was that several of the stitches go between holes. I think this pattern would have worked better on linen because punching my needle through Aida is tough. But the effect was beautiful. The one sat half finished on a shelf for a few months, but I had fun when I did finally finished!

The stats for April:

  • 18 Count White Aida
  • Mad X-Stitch Mystery Floss
  • DMC E3852 (Metallic Gold)
  • DMC 838
  • DMC 3838
  • DMC S602
  • “April” lettering by PDXStitch
  • Pattern by Magical525 of Stitching Pirates.
  • Completed 7/10
Pattern by Magical525

May was tougher than it looked! I only used two colors, a variegated floss from Mad X-Stitcher and DMC 500. I asked my sister for advice on the color scheme (professional artists in the house have their uses). I was amazed by how beautiful and delicate this came out. The extensive backstitching/blackwork was something I hadn’t done before but I do love the effect. There is a good chance that I will do this pattern again on the sampler. Possibly in reverse or in a new set of colors. It’s just so cool! I think I have become addicted to variegated colors.

Stats for May:

  • Aida White 18 Count
  • Mad X-Stitcher Mystery Floss
  • DMC 500
  • DMC 3838
  • “May” lettering by PDXStitch
  • Pattern by Magical525
  • Completed 7/14

I have been doing all of these on a single piece of Aida.

NFSAL March through May

Just the patterns are released every month. Magical gives no guidelines on what to do. Because the fun of it is getting to decide. giphyI decided to do something of a sampler. The fun of it is making it up! Just like my friend Indy. I even only sort of have an idea of where each new section will go. But I will probably add another May with different colors because I love that pattern!


I also managed to kit up Whacky Witches in Stitches this week:


As is tradition with the Stitching Pirates SALs, I have placed the pattern into a Superhero binder. The Stitching Pirates Speed Stitch was kept in an Avengers one. It made me laugh whenever I worked on it. As you can see, I’ve got my ref card, my thread card, and all the skeins I need on a binder ring. There will be scissors added when I start. And I will be using a fabric I got from the HAED addicts packet. The pattern calls for a 32 count fabric done over two, but I’m going to do a 40 count over two because, well, that’s what count I have. I think it’ll look really cool on that orange fabric. I’m excited to start it! Now I just have to wait till August 15.

It’s far away. But it gives me the chance to focus on DaVinci Collie. Wait you say, didn’t I say up top that I took a break? Not really. I still worked on DaVinci, just at work and not at home.

TDVC-WIP-9.jpgThe collie now has eyes! I will be starting his little nose soon. I’m excited for that! I’m also scared. This row seems to be confetti hell! Seriously, there are so many color changes that I understand the draw of using parking over cross country.

I am enjoying parking, but I always suspected I would. It is nice to not have to finish off every thread after just a few stitches when I am coming back to it soonish. I’m also liking this stitching across rows because I’m seeing the pattern come to life.

I might try columns again. In the earlier sections, I seemed to go faster stitching down rather than across, but who knows. I am participating in the challenge in spirit, as I said.

Though I am holding out hope that I can finish this one before the Whacky Witches SAL and can actually put some stitches into Moonlight Serenade and Belle.

I’m honestly about 2/3s of the way done with DaVinci so this is super exciting! I have some other projects on the way, but this one may be done within my target window!

Of course, I shouldn’t count my chickens before they hatch. I’m terrible at actually finishing projects. And I have several moments of panic with my gridding. When I tested the pen, it came off. But now I’m having visions of it not coming off and all my work being for nothing! Also, having visions of the person I’m making this for not liking it.

I’m going to start calling this voice the Stitching Demon. Sort of like my writing demon. I just need to fight through it. Because the person I’m making this for will definitely enjoy it.

And once this is done, I can do more storykeeps for me! I plan on doing my next one on some hand-dyed fabric and over two. Maybe I’ll do it on some of the fabric I have gotten from HAED. I’ve got a pretty grey and a pretty blue that just need something!

Oh, I also got an iPad:

Ok, iPad Air 2

I got GoodReader for iPad which seems to be recommended by people who stitch with only an electronic pattern. I wanted to try it because I can highlight and not worry about going through the pattern. I doubt I will use it at work because the physical pattern just works better and I already am not so big on it turning itself off after a short time. But I’m willing to try anything once.

Also, I did not buy the iPad for cross stitching, it just might be a happy side effect. That’s all for this week! Until next time!

Stay sane and don’t die!
❤ Madison


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