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Stitching Sundays #21 or Stitching Go!

So you might or might not know that Pokémon Go came out this week. And that I may or may not be a big fan of Pokémon. I really should reboot my Pokémondays. I’d probably have to start something over. Which would be fine because Sun and Moon is coming out in November (I know what I’m getting for my birthday).

But that means the last few days have definitely been…

Now if only I could actually find a Latios

Ok, I don’t play while I’m driving. But I definitely spent most of my lunch break yesterday running around the mall catching pokémon. I’m still annoyed that I was standing right over a hidden one and the stupid app wouldn’t reveal it. So instead, I got like 20 Pidgeys and Rattatas and…

This is Stitching Sundays right? One of these days I’m gonna get around to doing that Pokémon sampler I’ve been planning for years. And then I will geek out about them. Anyway, once again I only got some stuff done on DaVinci Collie. I got another page finish (on July 4th! Guess what I did all day?)

July 4th’s progress.

So, after finishing that I did decide to participate in the HAED Facebook Group challenge. But really, I’m just participating in spirit as The DaVinci Collie doesn’t qualify… 197 stitches short! Only 197 short!!!

This quote applies to everything

Anyway, I got quite a bit done. Last week:


And this week:


Filling in the gaps from my earlier extreme cross country actually took a lot of time. I found more than a few counting errors which is probably why I do smaller sessions of cross country. It was a little annoying to come across another spot where I had thought I did a color and then discovered I hadn’t.

Oh well. That is a really great thing about going in 10 x 10 squares and parking! I’m actually really enjoying parking. It does seem to keep my motivation up and it does help me when I mess up a color.

I basically micro-cross country in each block and then park below. It’s a bit slower than I’m used to going, but I’m hoping it picks up. I do notice that squares where I have most of the colors parked work faster.

However, I don’t like the messy state all of the threads stay in. It looks messy and they get a little tangled. I’m not sure if I’ll keep in this style, or if I’ll start working in columns.

In other news, another highlighter has fallen to the power of the collie! It was given a hero’s funeral and its soul will find its way to the great halls of highlighters. The green put up a brutal fight, and hopefully it’s cousin blue will be able to continue it.

Yes, I’m a little dramatic. It’s what happens when you binge listen to the Lord of the Rings while stitching. I have no shame.

I am also in the process of kitting up the Whacky Witches SAL. I have all my threads, now just to get them bobbined and in place. I also picked up the NFSAL fabric again, but didn’t get to add any stitches. I intend to finish April in the next day or so.

That’s all for this week! Stay safe while hunting the Pokémons. Remember to look both ways!

Until next time!

Stay sane and don’t die!
❤ Madison

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