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Stitching Sundays #20 or I Caught a Bug

A stitching bug.

Is there nothing Pinkie can’t do?

Ok, so I’m gonna sort of keep things short. This week had wonderful progress! Like seriously! I guess all those days alone in the shop left room for a lot (and I mean it) of stitching time.

So without further ado! Last Sunday found me here:


Today I am here:

Progress as of July 3, 2016

Like, wow. Ok, I’m excited! I might actually be able to finish up Page 2 pretty soon. Maybe this weekend! It is starting to look like there is half a chance at making it by my semi-deadline of August 15.

IPage-finish-6-29 am super excited because when I started, getting a page finish was pretty far away. In fact, last week I had several moments of “I’m never going to finish this!” Yet, I kept stitching and on June 29th I had my first ever HAED page finish!

I honestly found getting closer to the finish the idea that I was never going to get there became stronger. It was tough, but so worth it! I’m so incredibly proud! And now I’m half way through (probably more than halfway because of all the cross country stitching I did) page 2. Then its onwards to page three!

I’m feeling good about it!

Like I said last week, the HAED challenge was posted. It was parking and I have been practicing parking this week. Unfortunately, I will not be able to participate with The DaVinci Collie because I’m just under 200 stitches shy of the minimum.

This can only be the work of one person:

Yes, this phrase is in my every day vocabulary

Fortunately, the deadline is in October so I may start something else. But I will participate in spirit! As you can see, I have worked the second page pretty much entirely in parking. The real test will come in the next page where I have nothing done. I’m liking some aspects of Parking. What I don’t like is the mess. It makes taking pictures a little tougher

If I get this done early, I’ll pull out Moonlight and get some work done on that one! I’ve been wanting to work on her for a while. But first I need to finish the collie!

That’s all for this week. Until next time!

Stay sane and don’t die!
❤ Madison

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