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Stitching Sundays #19 or Small Updates

Darn it Celestia!

It is June. It is Summer. It is Summer in Colorado and that means the temperature is completely unbearable. God bless Willis Carrier, the guy who invented Air Conditioning. I do not know why he has not yet been named a saint or why he is not a household name. You would think someone who created something so marvelous would be known the world over!

Anyway, if you can’t tell, I’m stuck indoors. Which means one thing:


Binge watching tv shows! Ok, I won’t get too much of that this week since Bossman is going on vacation and I will be working a week straight (Hello Overtime). But this does mean I will have a lot of stitching time!

Yes! This calls for a Party!

Seriously, this show has a gif for just about everything! In any event, I’m hoping to have a lot more progress between today and next Sunday.


I intentionally saved the larger batches of color till last so that I could start to actually feel like I was making progress. I think a lot of people need that pat on the back because as I research parking (again) I’m finding a lot of people like to do the less colors first.

I basically do a mix, I’m finding. I like to do a few big colors and then do a bunch of small ones, then go back to big ones. I think this has to do more with motivation than anything else.

I hope to get a lot of the little random colors filled in this week and more of the big blocks. I still am panicking about some aspects (mostly a lot of little details) but I’m just trusting the chart.

Confetti stitches everywhere! I’m sure once these are filled in it’ll look great.

I hope.

But enough about my back and forth fears. I really really really need to focus on this one, because it will be a gift. This is why I haven’t brought any of my other WIPs out. I really want to get this done before the Whacky Witches SAL because I don’t want to split my time. But it’s starting to look like I won’t get a choice. I just need things to go faster!

With the HAED challenge over (until July), I was able to go back to my regular method of stitching. This is basically more localized cross country stitching. The Challenge called for stitching one color over the whole page and while that was a fun place to visit, I have found I missed a lot of small floating stitches. I do like having the freedom to stitch whatever color I want when I want to.

But the next Challenge will involve parking. I did make an attempt at parking a while ago which was a complete disaster. I mean Rarity eating buckets of chocolate disaster. It was enough to make me go “I’m a cross country stitcher and I’m fine with that.” At the same time, I sort of want to try it again. After all, why let one bad (super bad) experience scare me off a technique that might work really well right?

Well, we’ll have to see how I feel about things when the time comes around. In the meantime I gotta get to Michaels because I discovered last night that I am missing a color! And it’s a color that I really want to do. So, yeah, quick trip to the store!

And that’s all this week! Until next time!

Stay sane and don’t die!
❤ Madison

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