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WIPocalypse June or Some Progress

WIPocalypseAnother full moon and another WIPocalypse update! Ok, so it’s a little past the full moon, but it’s the though that counts right? WIPocalypse is a SAL hosted by Melissa over at Measi’s Musings. We are trying to stitch as much as possible before the world ends! Which… well, I’m not entirely sure when the new date is.

Anyway, let’s get to talking about the stitching! This has been a rather unproductive month. I felt the sloth upon me and I went about a week and a half without putting a single stitch into anything. What stitching I did do was focused on two projects. Though, actually, The DaVinci Collie got quite a bit of progress.

Without further adieu, here is the progress:

Progress as of June 20, 2016

Story Keep The DaVinci Collie (HAED)

I started this to go along with the HAED Facebook Group challenge. I was unable to finish the challenge by the deadline (June 15). Since then, I’ve added quite a bit of color working from the top down. It’s really cool to see it fill in as most of the first page is down to just two colors. I did over 20 colors during the challenge.

Last few days have been especially productive. Don’t know why. Maybe going back to my usual style of stitching after doing some pretty extreme cross country. I usually do cross country, but I usually go through the colors as I feel like it. So having the freedom to change and not worry about missing a color is really helpful.

Over all, I have really enjoyed this project. It is my first HAED pattern that I actually am feeling really confident about. I am finding I do really really well with my hoops so I’m starting to think I should move both Belle and Moonlight to hoops and find a way to deal with the fabric.

There have also been some casualties with this pattern. No it isn’t as bad as you think.


Yet another highlighter has left this world. It fought a good fight and had a heroes funeral. Fortunately, I have another green one so no need to worry about throwing off my stitching with another color. I also misplaced a pair of scissors. This meant a trip to Hobby Lobby to get more… and while I went in there for one (like the pink pair) I may have walked away with five.

No judging! Scissors are great!

My goal is to have this storykeep finished by September 7th. If I fail, it will have to be done by December 25. I think I have a good chance!

The Neglected Floss Stitch Along (Stitching Pirates)

March Pattern

I have been following this lovely little SAL hosted by Stitching Pirates on Deviant Art. I loved stitching March because it was a fun little pattern with some backstitching. I only have March finished, but have April in the works.

Sadly, the April pattern is in its bag and I didn’t feel like grabbing it. I know, I’m lazy. But this blog post is late as is. Hopefully I’ll actually have April and maybe even May done by the time I come back. I decided to arrange them all on the same bit of fabric to get almost a sampler of strange little patterns.

I think it will be great!

Crochet Blanket

Great progress has actually been made on this. Sadly, as the blanket is being used by me currently (even if its a little small) I haven’t been able to get a good picture of it. I sleep in a tangled nest of blankets. It is big enough to fit on my queen sized bed if that gives you an idea of the size. I need to get about twenty more rows in there, but it looks great! Maybe I’ll actually get a picture in here some time.

Or maybe not

And finally, the question of the month:

Do you find yourself more productive with stitching in summer or winter?

Celebrate the Sun

Honestly, I don’t know. I seem to get a lot done in winter, but so far this summer has been great. I think this has more to do with working in retail and stitching between customers. Seeing as I stay indoors most of the day regardless of season, I guess they are all mostly the same to me.


To be completely honest, I think I am more of a spring/fall stitcher. More time alone in the store. And the temperature is quite pleasant. Though it is a constant battle with the heater and the AC.

Also, how is it that MLP has a gif for every situation I need? This show is great!

That’s all! Until next time: Stay sane and don’t die!

❤ Madison

3 thoughts on “WIPocalypse June or Some Progress

  1. Love your SAL pieces, the one from Stitching Pirates looks like it would make a perfect little frame for something. I stitch HAED in hoops too and have found the best way to deal with the extra fabric is to roll it with the back side out so you’re not always grabbing the right side of your stitching and then secure them with small hair clips. Depending on the type of clip I’m using I sometimes add a layer of white felt to cushion the prongs so they don’t make holes in the fabric. No permanent damage done so far but I’ve got a few clips that will enlarge a hole in the fabric and push the threads around. They’ve always popped right back into place but the felt makes me feel a little safer.


    1. Thanks! I love the little SAL pieces. The March one would definitely make a lovely little frame. I may stitch it on a lower count again and do that! I had never thought of using hair clips. I was honestly thinking of using small binder clips. Are they the little claws? Definitely will use felt if I move to hoops.


      1. Yup, the little claws do a good job of holding a rolled bit of fabric in place without smashing and creasing it. My need for a felt layer seems to depend on the fabric, brand and size of clip, and how long it’s going to be in place. I’ve never had a problem with stitched areas, only unstitched and never permanent damage, only fabric threads moved around. I do leave the clips in place in between stitching sessions too. Hope that helps!


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