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Stitching Sundays #18 or Where Did 17 Go?

So, it’s almost 7pm and I am actually managing to post! Go me! Well, witty introductions are not coming to me today, so let’s talk about the projects this week. Also, in answer to the above question I realized I screwed up the numberings on my Stitching Sundays and instead of going back and redoing it… I’m just gonna leave the silly title. Because I’m lazy.

In the first slot we have:

Neglected Floss Stitch-A-Long

Completed 5/24 after like 4 hours of work

The Neglected Floss Stitch-A-Long is hosted on Stitching Pirates on DA. Near the first of the month, Magical525  posts a new small pattern consisting of two to four (so far) colors. You get to pick what colors you want to use to finish this!

So here is March’s pattern (yes I know I’m behind…). There were supposed to be french knots in there… but I have never actually managed to do a french knot successfully and since backstitching is already a problem… I just decided to skip them. It was a fun, little pattern. And I’m going to enjoy doing this SAL for as long as it goes.

The colors I picked were from a variety of sources. I have two DCM colors (809 and 3848) that I just have in my stash. I also used Silk Dinky-Dyes #27 Blush Fire. I got this in my HAED Addict’s Box. I also used one of MadX-Stitcher’s mystery floss that I won in the Stitching Pirates Speed Stitch. The colors worked well and it all was just a fun little break.

April has been started and I’ll say this, I’m not sold on metallics, but we’ll find out.

StoryKeep The DaVinci Collie

Last week I was here:


And this week:


I got a whole lot done this week! Five colors! My color chart is starting to look really, really cool!


Not too much to talk about on this one. Just lots and lots of colors moving on slowly.

That’s all for this week. See ya next time. Until then, stay sane and don’t die!

❤ Madison

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