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Stitching Sundays #16 or WIPocalypse May

Or Enter the Dog-Hair Threads

So, what’s up? How are all y’all? Good good… Well, I actually have a somewhat legitimate reason for not posting last week. What was the reason? I didn’t actually… do … much stitching. At all. See, at work, the District Manager was coming into our store which meant we had to clean and rearrange the backroom. Again. Couldn’t get much done that way. So instead of almost-no-progress, I decided to come back this week. You know, do a two-week update?

Don’t believe the innocent face

Something else has started this week. The main reason I hate summer. No, not the heat or the weather: Shed Season.

And oh my God, my dogs have decided that it is time to shed their coats. En masse. It’s coming off in tuffs! This means I’m getting lots and lots of special extra threads in my projects. This may mean that Belle goes away and Moonlight comes back. We’ll have to see.


Back to the stitching:

It also was the full moon yesterday, but since my updates are on Sunday and this was a Saturday WIPocalypse I decided just to combine them. One post for me! Anyway, WIPocalypse is run by Measi over at Measi’s Musings. We are trying to stitch as much as we can before the world ends!

Anyway, the updates:

StoryKeep the DaVinci Collie

So this is progressing pretty well. TSK-TDVC-WIP-3his hadn’t even been started last full moon. I have been working on this for the HAED Facebook challenge. Supposedly, I’m supposed to have about half of it done in the next two weeks…

No that isn’t likely to happen. But I’m gonna give it my best efforts. I’m really impressed with how it is coming along, I’ll admit I had my doubts. I usually doubt patterns in the early stages. And then I always go “I won’t doubt the next one!” and I never remember that the patterns always work out.

Or at least more or less. I’m still really angry about Chocobo’s confetti. It is a little unnecessary. I think it was a computer generated pattern. The My Little Pony series has a similar problem. I am looking forward to finally getting around to Pinkie soon though. Maybe after I get the StoryKeep done.

Over the past two weeks, I got only three colors done. (pictured lower). But one of those three colors was probably the biggest color of the lot. (720). What makes me think that? Well, because the progress pictures I have been taking say so. Also, you can now start to see the outline of the book! That is great progress!!

Then I got a few greens into the jewels. Both of those had less than 20 stitches. In fact, it might be right around 12 stitches each. Less even. The difference between this and like Chocobo’s confetti is that… well, this makes some sense. It is difficult to capture the shade of the jewel. I’m sure Chocobo will be worth it in the end though. I’m sure…


Ok, anyway, take a look at the three weeks of progress:

Eight colors so far! Looking quite good! See the progress between 986 and 720?

See what I mean about 720 being so big? I’m pretty sure it’s the biggest single color. Especially since I have a few colors coming up that are like, one and two stitches. It’ll be interesting…

Hopefully this week will bring a few more colors to completion.

Tale as Old as Time

Last April I was here:

Belle WIP 10

Then two weeks ago I was here:


And now I’m here:

This is getting big!!!

Still working on the same color. The end of working on this color is no where in sight. But the end of the row of pages is! I’m now working on the last page in the row (or working very close). It’s got lots of progress! Lots and lots!

Now, isn’t there another project I usually talk about at this time? Something with crochet? Yeah… not too much got done on that project this month. I have a large backlog of rows recorded on my phone… but I need a few hours to get that backlog back under control.

Yes Pinkie this happens.

Ok, it’s a very large backlog. So like, I need a few days if I were gonna get it all done… hopefully next full moon I’ll have a proper amount of progress to share!

So, now onto the final question:

What were you stitching this time last year and have you finished it?

Last year I was working on this guy: Galloping Horses a Dimensions Kit.

Galloping Horses3

It is in my UFO pile and it is something I intend to try and pick back up later this year. Assuming I actually get Aurora finished… I should go back too her. Anyway, this time last year, I was also anxiously awaiting the release of the Mucha Princess Set 1 (Belle). I may even have gotten the pattern at this time and been working on kitting it up and getting the PDFs in order.

Either way, I apparently don’t get many finishes. I should work on that.

Well, that’s all from me, folks! Till next time, stay sane and don’t die!

❤ Madison


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