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Stitching Sunday #15 or The One Without a Witty Title

Yeah… I got nothing there. This week was pretty average. No real life drama and no excuses to deal with for not stitching. So this intro is rather short and lacking of ponies. For the moment.

So let’s talk about the projects:

Tale as Old as Time

When we last left Belle:

Belle WIP 10

And this week:

Whoot! The hole is closing!

So I got maybe 500-600 stitches in this week. It was a pretty good week for me and my larger, at-home projects. I’m still working on the same blend that I’ve been working with for like… a few months. There is still a lot (and I mean a lot) to do. Hopefully I’ll get more done this weekend and over next week. it’s looking good!

Storykeep The DaVinci Collie

Last week I had just started:


And this week:

Look at all the pretty curves!

So yeah, I actually got quite a bit done! I successfully managed to put five colors in. Admittedly, several of the colors were very small, being less than ten stitches, but every stitch is a stitch towards completion!

Five colors down! I have no idea how many to go… but a lot!

What’s really cool about taking a picture after every color finish is getting to see it change so fast. Even the smaller colors change a lot! Just look at the patch of green in the corners and center of the project!! I’m not working on a very large color (I think it’s the largest in the section I’m doing) and I can’t wait to see how it fills out down the sides and corners!

I’m not sure if I’ll stick with this sort of cross country stitching, but I definitely enjoy the change of pace. Though, honestly, I do like switching up the colors sooner. There is a lot of color #6 and I know it will get tedious towards the end. However, here’s to hopefully another great session this upcoming week!

Until then, stay sane and don’t die!

❤ Madison

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