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Stitching Sundays #15 or Will Spring Ever Get Here?

Picture outside my window about 30 minutes ago because it takes me a while to write these blogs.

Like seriously! That is an actual question!

It is May 1st! May 1st. You know, spring time? Planting time? Usually my one month of green in the plants and grasses around me? What is with all these inches of white stuff!!!

Someone please explain to me where the heck spring is? Because it isn’t at my house let me tell you!

Anyway, mini rant aside, it has been cold, gloomy, and dismal in the last few days. What does this mean? Well, means the heat bill at work went up because that building gets cold. But that is neither here nor there.

This also means that I went no where and did nothing but curl up with coffee and crochet and my computer. Good for my role plays (got lots of writing done) bad for my stitching (did not get very much done).

So I’m afraid that while I’m trying to find the weather committee, this will be a rather short blog. Did someone in Cloudsdale miss a memo about Colorado?

Maybe if you cleaned up winter instead of singing it wouldn’t be so late!

Also, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m addicted to MLP gifs. But I am not blaming anyone. So, what did I actually get done this week? Well…

StoryKeep The DaVinci Collie

What’s this? A new start? Uh-oh Madison, don’t you have like a bunch of stuff in various stages of completion? Well, yes, I do. But since HAED patterns tend to be a little on the complex side (and I want this to be my challenge piece) I have decided to do a new one! One that I can actually take to work and get stuff done!!

So, as usual, we have early images:

Chart obviously blurred out for obvious reasons

I’ll be attempting to do this in the more extreme cross country method that I usually don’t do but am finding quite fun: Working one color across the page until there’s no more of it. I also gridded. Now, why is the left half such a mess you ask? Simple, I mismarked and then realized it so I tried to wipe off the offending boxes, and only the offending boxes. I probably should have just washed the whole thing. But, it isn’t as bad as it looks and I saved myself time and effort.

Where am I now?

Progress as of May 1, 2016 AKA the winter that never ended

Two days of work and the first color (740) is nearly done. Just a few more to go on the left side (and the right I think). This will probably be finished today at work and then it will be onto whatever symbol strikes my fancy next. Because that’s how I roll.

See, I usually just pick a symbol and work until I’m done with the thread and then move onto the next color, usually randomly picked or is a rather large block of color. Or a clearly visible pattern. This challenge is really making me work at my patience. I get bored of single colors rather quickly (see my many rants about Tale as Old as Time). But, this is working.

And why did I hold off on gridding? It is so amazing!! I may do more of this, though I won’t be adding it to Tale as Old as Time or Aurora at the moment. Who knows though? We’ll just keep working at it.

I suppose this is where I should give stats on DaVinci Collie so:

Pattern by: Heaven and Earth Designs
Artwork by: Randal Spangler
Size: 53 c 291 stitches
Colors: 88 Colors
Stitching: 1×1 on 25 count Lugana Linen Antique White
Start Date: April 29, 2016

Hopefully this gets done by September. If I actually manage to complete the HAED Facebook Group challenge, I’ll be halfway there, so there’s a good chance!

Moonlight Serenade

Last Week:

Progress as of April 24, 2016

And this week:

Progress as of May 1, 2016

So stuff happened. A little bit of it at least. I picked a rather large block of color to work on so it really is moving slowly. But as they say, slow and steady wins the race. However, I’m taking a bit of a break because this is making me go cross eyed. I was originally going to do this as my challenge piece, and I will probably get back to it week after next. Now that I kitted and started DaVinci Collie I have decided to not work quite so hard on this one.

On the plus side, this means something else gets to go on the stand for the upcoming “weekend”:

Ahhhh after 10,000 years I’m free!

Tale as Old as Time is gonna get some love. I always come back to this pattern, so no worries. It’s slow, its’ taken a long time, but it will get done. I never forget her! Just large blocks of color so I can work hard and hopefully get stuff done!

Hopefully, I will see you all in spring next week and hopefully I’ll have updates for y’all! Till then: Stay sane and don’t die.

❤ Madison


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