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Stitching Sundays #14 or Starting to Start Again

So, hi. How are all of you lovely folks? Where have I been the past two months? Well… I’ve been around…

I have no idea…

So let’s talk. This is the first Stitching Sunday I have done in a while. And quite frankly, the reason I lost my stitching bug for a bit was two things: Some rather caddy remarks from my sister about having too many WIPs (what does she know? that’s what I keep telling myself) and Moonlight Serenade.

Yes this one.

This is my first HAED (Heaven and Earth Design). So of course, I’m going to make mistakes. I was working with a new count and trying some new stuff.

And I failed.


So I’m now on restart #2 but I may end up actually doing restart #3 because well, I’ll explain below:

Strap in this is gonna be a long one.

When I started, I followed chart recommendations and got some dublin linen of 25 count. Belle is also on dublin linen (36 count 2×2) so I thought that I could handle it. I thought this was be fine. I was wrong.

It was a nice square though

As you can see below, I started going 2×1 and parking. Attempting to park at least. I had read about this technique and thought it might be helpful for me. I also decided to try their recommended method of working the single squares to completion.


This did not work out for me. 2×1 was way too thick and I felt like I was punching my needle through denim. After a few too many holes punched in my skin, I decided stitching cross country in the little square wasn’t gonna work. So I tried a new method: Working each color in order in the row as it appeared. That sort of worked… until I lost track of what colors were what especially evident on the change of row. Especially when the color wasn’t back for a few rows and I miscounted where that one started and… yeah… disaster.

Here is the remains of my defeat


I decided at this point to cut my losses. And start over. I was only 200 stitches in so I figured it would be better to frog them all now before they became a problem since I wasn’t liking how it was turning out.


More only research (and a few questions on the HAED Facebook group) demonstrated that I was not the only person with this problem (though I think it may have been a needle issue as I might be using a size too big…). But, I was encouraged that others used either tent/half-cross stitches or 1×1 full crosses. I was determined to try this method.

So I started frogging and ran into immediate problems. I couldn’t get a lot of the stitches out. Not just the ones that I’d tied off either. All of them seemed super tangled together (darn you Parking). So I ended having to be rough with it… and then take a scissor to help me and…

I think you can figure out where this is going. I cut through the fabric. For a few days, it just sat there as I pretty much cried.

Amazing how many uses this gif has

See, I really only have quality stitching time twice a week (during my days off). I like to stitch as much as possible during those days. And my prep work for this project had been intensive.

I had measured, remeasured, and cut carefully. I had been bloodied by pins. Rethreaded my sewing machine twice (as if once wasn’t enough). It was perfect! And now it had a giant freaking hole in it! I’d have to start all over again!!

See? I love all the ponies.

Which of course is what I had to do at the end of the day.

Fortunately, I had stupidly bought DOUBLE the amount of fabric that was necessary for this project which meant that as soon as I was done with feeling sad for myself (and mystifying my family who have no idea how much work goes into setting up each piece). So it was go back to the beginning with the pinning, and the stitching, and the begging my sewing machine to actually work. This did actually end up working and so I finally arrived at the beginning once again:

MS Try 2 copy
We find ourselves back at the beginning… yet again.

So, I get to work on this project once again. And I was making some good headway doing a sort of organized cross country method that works out for me! I sort of just pick a symbol and work it down the column/several columns as I see fit. I got down to the bottom of the page, but still relatively not very far across the page when the Challenge started.

See, during this time, I also joined the HAED Facebook group! And I wanted to get in on this challenge as it seemed fun. It was full-blown cross country though and it meant I had to start new pages. Well, I didn’t really want to start a new row, so I decided to give gridding a try.

What?! After the last time?!

Yes. Another new technique! But don’t worry, Pinkie, I’m not going to rage quit this time. Or you know, cut the fabric and spend a week consoling myself with Cold Stone ice cream and Youtube videos.

Fortunately, I like gridding! All the little boxes were fun to count and draw. I screwed up on the first page, but learned my lesson and applied it to the next one. So now, I had three fully gridded pages, plenty of thread, and determination!

MS Challenge Start
Start of Challenge #2

Oh? But didn’t I mention just the other day that I had screwed up on this project in another way? Yes. I started stitching on the wrong horizontal. This means that my stitch likes to get swallowed. At least, I think that’s why my stitches are getting swallowed. I’m assuming there is a right and wrong way to stitch linen even if you aren’t going over 2. Fortunately, by stitching my x’s in reverse (working right to left), I’m able to prevent my fabric from eating my stitches.

But it is a major reason why I’m thinking of starting over again. Maybe with some fabric from Hobby Lobby since they now carry 25 and 32 ct linens!!! if I did restart, it would be after the challenge though.

I guess I should probably bring this triple size blog to a close. Ahem,

Dear Princess Celestia (and Luna),

Over these last two months, I have learned that it’s ok to give up and go back to the beginning. Especially when you made a wrong turn along the way. This doesn’t mean you are weak. This doesn’t mean you were foolish. It means you were trying something new and have now figured out how to get further.

The point is, Princess(es), starting over isn’t giving up. It’s moving on smarter. And as long as you finish, no one is going to know how many times you had to start again. 

Your faithful viewer,


Yes I am on an MLP kick! My favorite fanfic updated this week and there have been new episodes recently! Anyway, here is where I am as of today:

Progress as of April 24, 2016

And here’s hoping I have more to share with you all next week! Until then, stay sane and don’t die!


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