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WIPocalypse April – Radio Silence?

hosted by Measi Musing

Hello again! I am still alive and still stitching! I have a long list of excuses… but I won’t worry about them right now. That’s for Sunday updates. I actually had a few rough patches in the last few months. Not much stitching and then I just kept forgetting about the blog and… yeah…

Life decided to get in the way of stitching. But that isn’t totally unusual. I may do an update on Sunday on more of the details. But without further ado, let’s talk about the projects:


Aurora WIP 8

I haven’t actually touched Aurora since February. I originally thought I might be able to get this finished by July… but things have come up that mean I am probably still not picking it back up for a long while… so we’ll have to see.

Tale as Old as Time
Belle WIP 10Another one I haven’t touched in over a month. I was hoping to pick it back up in April, but one thing lead to another with Moonlight and… yeah… but this one will probably be coming back to the stand this month as my plans for Moonlight have changed slightly in light of a super secret project that I might or might not be able to share on here depending on if the person in question actually reads this blog…

I’m so close to the halfway point in the regular stitching that I really do want to just sort of shove it out. I have decided to do the backstitching in the bottom half before going on to the top half with the exception of the outline. I worry that the outline would be obviously done at different times.

CC WIP 4Chibi Chocobo
So, this one is full of confetti. I really think some of it could have been avoided. But I just do what the chart tells me. Do not let those deceptively large areas fool you. There are a freaking lot of little random dots of colors along the outline in particular and right around all the color changes.

This one is probably going away for a while as well. Like I said, there’s a super secret project coming up as a gift for someone and I really need to concentrate on that one. Besides, I don’t see this one getting done by May sadly.

Moonlight Serenade


Oh the problems this one has given me…

Long blog short: I started going 2×1 but didn’t like the bulk, so tried to frog everything but ended up cutting the fabric. So I had to get new fabric, recut, and try again. Then I found out that I managed to pick the wrong way to stitch on Linen, but I found a way around it… Basically, this project may get restarted again.

I did decide to finally try gridding and more extensive cross country stitching. Mostly this was due to the HAED group challenge. Which, again, I was gonna use this pice for but the other super secret project (I’m just gonna start calling it the SSP) qualifies as well so I may use that instead (probably). Here’s hoping things work out!

Crochet Blanket
Temp-Blanket-wip2It’s now perfect shawl length! So I’m probably about a third of the way. I did find one area where some stitches are falling out so here’s hoping I can fix/fudge it back to being secure. That’s the big issue with crochet, if it breaks it is heck to try and fix…

Then again, I don’t know how it goes with knitting so…

Yeah, I’m a bit behind on this. But I’m doing a few rows on my days off and that’s helping things. As well as trying to get to bed early..

I am really loving these colors though. Next time, I will shorten the degree variance (5 degrees instead of 10 most likely). this will allow me to get some red and yellow in there…

Unless summer becomes a scorcher. Which considering I still have 5-10 inches of snow in places (in April) I’m starting to wonder. However, today was a sandal day!

Wacky Witches in Stitches

I can hear you all now: But Maddie, you have that listed as starting in August. We know you don’t start SALs this far in advance. And I haven’t started it or anything. I just finally got fabric. I got a goody bag (Addicts Box) from Heaven and Earth Designs and it had a bit of 40 ct. linen. So, it’ll be fun to explore that!

Measi also asks a question with every WIPocalypse. This week’s question is:

What do you listen to while stitching? (via Jo)

This is rather easy. I generally listen to TV, Youtube, or audiobooks. TV usually is such classics as Murder, She WroteCriminal MindsRiver MonstersUntold Stories of the ER, Fairy Tail or really just about anything that is on or catches my interest on Amazon/Netflix. Youtube/Internet stuff is usually stuff like Nostalgia Critic and Atop the Fourth Wall, though Lost in Adaptation is really good. There is sadly just not enough of it. And of course, there are audiobooks. Audiobooks are how I have managed to successfully get any actual reading done.

Time is a silly thing. There just isn’t enough of it anymore. At least it feels that way.

See y’all next full moon!

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