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Stitching Pirates #12 or The Week of New Starts

So I got not just Moonlight Serenade started this week, but also Chibi Chocobo!!!! That’s two new starts!!! Whoot!!! So, let’s talk about this week’s stuff.

Starting with Belle:

Last week I was here:

Belle WIP 9
February 29, 2016

And this week:

Belle WIP 10.jpg
This is looking really long… which is a good thing!

Not too much to say about this. Another column done. It’s still the same color, a blended color, so it’s just a lot of using the same stitches over and over and over… on the plus side, that means things go pretty fast.

The other start was a bit of a small pattern. The Chibi Chocobo:

CC Start
Started February 29, 2016

And this week:


Not quite sure if I’m making progress…

There is a lot of confetti  on this one. (and yellow… currently my least favorite color). But, I’m told there’s blue somewhere and so I’m going to keep believing it. And eventually I’ll get there. I’m sure of it. I really should be further along than I am but this week was busy at work, not much stitching opportunity.

And I got sucked into 1010… but that is neither here nor there.

Finally, I managed to start Moonlight Serenade:

Just most of one little square…

It has moved to the stand, Belle is relaxing in a project back for a week or two. I intend to get two columns before I go back to Belle. So hopefully I’ll get some progress done today and tomorrow (my lovely weekend!)

I like this fabric (25 count linen). More and more, I’m finding I love working with linen in general. Belle is also stitched on linen (much higher count). The big difficulty is the sheer size of the scroll. It is a little difficult to properly stitch the little, tiny holes… and the colors are pretty dark right now.

But it’s pretty cool over all. My goal is to get three pages done this year, most likely I’ll be working on it when I get sick of massive sections of Belle’s shades of yellow. And orange when I get there.

Moonlight size
So big…

The only issue is the floss. I went through my entire stash and found I was missing quite a bit. Thankfully, Michaels had a 30% off… and sadly was missing like six colors I needed. Well, I guess I’ll pop by Hobby Lobby on my way home from the dentist tomorrow. It also gives me another problem:

Supplies.jpgWay too many flosses that I have been neglecting putting on bobbins. I now have a good record of exactly what I have… but I’ll need to do like 20 bobbins a day for at least a week or two to get everything put up. Thankfully I have plenty of storage…

But my quest to get organized led me to a really cool app called Stash Catche. I can put all my needs from a pattern and it will build what colors I need and how many skeins. It worked really well and now my entire stash is uploaded and I know what I have… sadly this means I have a long, boring journey ahead of me.

I’m not looking forward to it. But I will do some of that and more stitching today. But first… bobbins…

I can feel the hand cramp already.


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