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Stitching Sundays #11 or Brought to you by the Letter Why?

This week’s blog is brought to you by the letter WHY? and the $$$ sign.

Oh Rarity, how you get me

I was looking over a few patterns trying to decide what fabric I was going to need. No simple task as I’m still a rather beginning stitcher who is just finding out about such things as the world of hand-dyed fabric… and Whacky Witches is what was introducing me…

I discovered that these beautiful, creative, absolutely astounding fabrics were… just so expensive!!! My heart wants them… my wallet says “Really?” and points to the calendar to remind me that NDK Denver and ROTLcon are only a month apart and I’m needing to save a lot to go to both. Even if I am cutting out NDK’s Hotel budget. Just going to go buy stuff.

Yes, it’s a terrible thing to be broke

Anyway, I’m still shopping about for some good fabrics. I’ll probably end up getting the hand-dyed stuff for Whacky Witches and possibly something else I’m gonna stitch up at some point, but haven’t decided when I’m going to actually start that. I’ll bite the bullet at that point. Because, that fabric is so lovely. The real question is if I’m actually going to get that Zodiac Sampler from Cloudsfactory and get pretty fabric for that as well… I keep going back and forth on if I want to do that and whether I want it to be kitted up (somewhere around 70-80) or if I want to just get the patterns and get the supplies on my own…

I’m actually leaning towards getting the kit because I really love the fabric. But that is neither here nor there.

I have pictures this week! The phone was revived (or rather, I payed $230 to get a refurbished one from GeekSquad but that is a rant for another day). I fortunately backed up everything thanks to Samsung’s easy methods and that means I managed to keep all my pictures. It didn’t keep my audiobooks or music… but that’s easy to get back. But there was progress over these last two weeks. Especially on Aurora!

Last time:

Aurora WIP 7
February 14, 2016

This week:

Aurora WIP 8
So much done!

I reached the far right edge of the pattern! It was fun and working on the sky is so addictive! The colors are just amazing. I suppose I should give the ground some love too, but I also wanna work on the Ice Queen/Elsa dress. Although, I am running into one of my big issues with Dimensions kits: Overlay Stitches.

Aurora overlay evil
Pure evil

Overlay stitches are where you stitch one color and then go over with a blending filament/shiny thread. As you can see in the picture on the left. It does seem to add a level of color and it’s lovely! The problem is… well, the “blending filament” is impossible to get on the needle, it shreds and pulls apart like no tomorrow, and makes adds a ridiculous amount of difficulty!!! I hate it already but there’s so much to go… curse this pretty thread!

Sadly, I did not get much work done on Aurora these last few weeks. My Precious needs some socialization time and since I live in the middle of nowhere (15-20 minute drive to get into town at all) that means that when I take her out to meet folks, I usually end up being gone for a few hours. She had fun last week though, and only barked at 60% of the people that walked passed us! Improvement!

Anyway, last time we were here:

Belle wip 8
February 14, 2016

and this week:

Belle WIP 9
See the pathetic attempt at parking?

It’s just a bunch of one color. It makes for rather slow progress. And that little thing on the end looks weird now… but I think it’ll look a lot better. I’m also attempting to do this parking technique as I have a feeling it’ll help me when I start with Moonlight on Tuesday.

Moonlight freaks me out! Seriously! I have been staring at this pattern for a few years and I have never had the guts to actually start it. But now it’s on the calendar and I’ll be working on getting the fabric the right size and the ends tacked down. But expect to see something on that next week.

Actually, I’m starting two things this week! Chibi Chocobo is also getting a start. I have all the materials (except the fabric pen. I hope Walmart has what I’m looking for otherwise it’s a trip up to Joann’s which is in a nightmarish area). I’ll leave you with a look at the supply group before I bobbin things and cut/secure the edges of the fabric.

Chibi Chocobo Supplies
Yes, those are new scissors.

In the mean time, stitching, cutting, and of course Pokémon(day) will be occurring.


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