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WIPocalypse — February

WIPocalypseHello all you wonderful people! How is it that WIPocalypse always manages to fall on the same day that I post something else? Its screwing with my lovely stats page! Turns all my Sunday posts blue and then there’s just a few scattered dark ones…

Well, I guess that’s just my OCD acting up again (not really. I just like patterns). Anyway… welcome to the February edition of WIPocalypse hosted by Measi’s Musings. This is my first year and I think it’s really helping me to plan and to maybe get a few projects done. This month’s topic is:

If you have any of your pieces on display in your home which attracts the most plaudits?

Sadly… the most interest I get are when I take the projects out and are working on them in public. My works are on display above my sewing nook in the basement (which is the only area down there my sister does not own apparently). I don’t have many people over, so people don’t really see much.

Probably the one that gets the most talk is Stitching Pirates. Mostly because a lot of people saw me work on that. I also get comments on my adorable My Little Pony series. I guess I just don’t have these very visible or maybe most people just don’t notice the hard work and blood on the wall.

As for my projects, things are coming along well. Check out my master list if you want to see what I’m doing, planning, and progress. Highlights of it include:

  • Moonlight Serenade has a start date for March 1st! I’ll be working on rotations between it and Belle since they will be on scrolls.
  • Pinkie Promise, Fluttercheer, Chibi Chocobo, and Whacky Witches in Stitches have been added to the list.
  • Whacky Witches in Stitches has a start date of August 15th as a part of the Stitching Pirates Halloween SAL which I’m going to join in this year.

My Stitching Sunday posts also carry my wips for the week and my experiences while stitching them.

The crochet blanket is probably the only thing I don’t talk about regularly so I’ll take a moment and update you here.

Blanket 2-28.jpg
It’s folded over, it’s actually pretty long

I am really enjoying it! I am making it with I Love This Yarn one of my favorite brands, and sadly only carried by Hobby Lobby. It’s worth the price though because it’s so soft and unlike some brands that have “soft” versions but tiny skeins, I Love This Yarn has full sized skeins!! I did run into one problem though… I usually sit down to crochet sometime between 9 and 11 pm…

And it’s pretty cool at that point. Cool enough that I’m beginning to doubt that I can get any red into this. So, lesson learned for next time. I will also likely be doing an afghan that isn’t a ripple next time. I love the look, but I change change colors too often and hiding these ends is getting annoying!

I’m retroactively adding pictures of Aurora and Belle so you all can see the progress. Yes, these are taken on Sunday Feb. 28 rather than the 22nd… but the lack of phone and other method of photo taking hindered me.

Aurora WIP 8.jpg
Progress as of Feb. 28, 2016
Belle WIP 9.jpg
Progress as of Feb. 28, 2016

See y’all next month!



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