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Stitching Sundays #9 or Changing Tactics

So I had fun this week. There is a sale going on at work, but the nature of my work means that I’m still sitting doing nothing or polishing the floors. Again. My work is really slow (I sell expensive shoes in a boutique at a destination complex… ie, people rarely just wander in). Because of the lack of people at the start of the week (I’m pretty sure the Broncos’ win had something to do with that.) I actually got a lot done on Aurora. I also got a lot done over the weekend on Tale as Old as Time. So lets get into the WIPs.

Belle wip 8.png
Straight lines everywhere… and all the same blended color

So yeah, progress!!! After finishing the background I moved onto the skirt, again. As you can see, I closed up the hole that has been bugging me for weeks (yes! it gave me so much pleasure, let me tell you.) Then I realized I was gonna be working across 4 pages. 4 pages. That skirt length is four freaking pages!!!! And my music stand lets me work across two, but four was asking a lot. So I decided I would have to work the HAED method and move left to right across rows working a page at a time.

It seems to be working if the left side is any indication. I’ll be adding more stitches Monday/Tuesday (my weekend). And I don’t have any dentist appointments this week, so I can spend most of the time doing stitching. Well after I take Precious out on the town.

on the bed.png
Yes, at 24 I finally have the Star Wars bedspread I always wanted.

A word about my little baby: She is just getting big. She finally was able to jump on my bed. This means that she now can destroy my late night stitching adventures. Mostly by being adorable and siting in my lap to watch TV.


She’s great. She also closes the door after she lets herself in. I am so proud of her. Also in that picture to the left, you will see one of my other crafts, the wolf latch hook pillow. I completed that about seven years ago. I had to send it off to get the pillow part done, but I was quite proud of it.

Anyway, back to the stitching… Like I said, not too much new with Belle, but Aurora got a lot done.

Aurora WIP 7.png
I got a lot more done than I thought

This week was an ordeal. Loads of ripping and wrong counting. And I had to do a lot of new things. As you can see, I got the bear finished, at least the front half. It was also the first time I’ve ever worked with two needles at one time.

Two Needles
Step One, thread both needles and do the sign of the Cross

The eye of the bear is a dark blue (looks black). It’s also a half stitch, a confetti style half stitch. I have no good way of anchoring solo half stitches alone, so I decided to work the light brown at the same time. I was a little worried about getting the two tangled. I started with the black one, completing the half stitch first and using a longer than usual train for me. Then stitched around it. It was all rather difficult. But it worked! See?

They worked!Aurora one stitchAurora after My crazy scheme actually came off completely!

The half stitch is secured. I was able to move on to all the other beautiful blue! I love working with blue. And it’s just so pretty.

This is the first pattern where I’m literally just working it as I feel. I do colors and directions in whatever way I want. It’s rather liberating. I seem to be going quite fast as well. It’s really fun, I get sections done at a time and I’m not really worried about what direction I’m going. It’s a lovely break from Belle which I tackle in a more logical manner.

I am thinking about grabbing one of my smaller patterns soon and doing that. I have Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy from a My Little Pony set I bought years ago to start/finish. (Twilight, Rarity, RD, and AJ are finished). But until I actually decide to tackle my smaller patterns, I’m gonna keep going on Aurora and Belle.

Oh, and I found this lovely thing:

Aurora mislabled yarn
I don’t think the numbers match

They mislabeled their color!! I mean, look at that! The lavender color (11263) is not actually apart of this set at all. I don’t know who put this kit together, but at least its the right color… just wrong label.

Fortunately, Dimensions includes a “thread organizer” (not really) and that one had the right color so I was able to match them that way. I just thought it was hillarious!

Overall, this week was an adventure. I finally figured out how to get out some of the stains on my Stitching Pirates piece (thank god for the Tide-to-Go pen) and the coffee stains on Aurora and a few other old patterns. This is an exciting thing!

I am also mentally gearing up to start getting things together for Moonlight Serenade, my first HAED. I’m still scared of this pattern and have no illusions of finishing it any time in the year… but I’m looking at various techniques and two I’ve seen around are gaining my interest: parking and grids. Any of you all have any experience with these things? I do think I’ll be trying parking, but I go back and forth on grids.

I will leave you with a good quality picture of Stitching Pirates. I finally got it ironed out! You may see it again after I get it framed and mounted. I’m quite proud of it. Until next time.

Pirates Final



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