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Stitching Sundays #8 or Go Broncos!

I have a confession… I’m secretly a Football fan. Specifically American football. And today is the Big One! Ok, so it comes around once a year and the commercials are a blast, but this year my team is going!!! And here’s hoping Super Bowl 50 won’t have the same outcome as Super Bowl 48….

Anyway, you aren’t here to read about my football casual fan-ness. We’re here to talk about cross stitches. Of which I don’t have any Broncos-based.

Aurora WIP 6
That light blue is so much fun to work with.

Anyway, not too much was done with Aurora this week. Believe it or not, this week I had to rearrange the backroom (again) and while that helped the time to pass, it did not leave much time for stitching. Also, Coworker was here for two shifts including one with Bossman. This meant no stitching. Anyway, I seem to be working in no particular direction. It’s sort of fun to just be picking large areas of a single color and go with that.

But now the paw can start to be seen. I hope to start working on some of the background this week. My Coworker isn’t in for as long as usual so I’ll actually get stuff done!!!

Belle 7
The bottom of the Oval Background is done!!!!

Look at it!!! I mean look at it!!! OMG I was so so so happy when I put that last stitch in there!!! Ok, it isn’t like it’s the bottom half of the piece entirely… but I have been working on that oval for months! I’m still thinking about moving up on either side and continuing the oval.

Belle CircleYou can see two shades of yellow in the background right now. There’s actually three, but two of them are really close together. I have now gone through about two skeins of the main color of that yellow oval though. The pattern did say that color (3078) was going to use about four skeins. I guess its fitting that I’ve used two as the oval is half finished!!!

I was actually starting to get good at those quarter stitches too… but there’s plenty more frustration where that came from.

The bottom portion of the dress is going to be a lot of work. It is mostly one color, but there is a blended color in there. The blended color comes is patches that I’m sure will add more depth to the work and will be far more obvious after I have added the yards and yards of backstitching.

The backstitching scares me and it is still months and months out! See you next week! I hope to show more progress and celebrate a Broncos victory!


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