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WIPocalypse 2016 — January

2016 be ready!

So, I recently discovered this was a thing and I am excited to participate in it!! I probably should have gotten this post up earlier but… I’ve been busy stitching for Sunday’s update (tomorrow).

So, this will be my first year! And the topic of this month is Introduce Yourself so here goes:

I’m Madison and I’m from the heart of Bronco Country! I work retail, but it’s a small boutique store. In September of this year, I quit my print shop job and now I see only 2-4 people on an average day. My boss (affectionately called Bossman in other blogs) lets me cross stitch during down time when I’m alone in the store! It’s been great! I get my best stitching done then. I’ve been seriously stitching for about two years, but was a hobby stitcher before then since I was about 8 or 9. I started with needlepoint and latch hook. I moved to cross stitch because the patterns were so pretty. However it wasn’t until I was in college that I finally managed to finish a piece. I use it a lot as a stress relief.

Don’t believe the innocent face.

I have a 5 month old stitching buddy named Precious. She’s a baby Australian Shepherd and she is amazing! I am so happy that she decided to come to me! Ok, well, she didn’t really get much of a choice but, who cares right? She constantly is gracing my stitching projects with little black hairs. I find them everywhere! She’s actually about ready to start obedience training so… that will probably cut into stitching time. She’s worth it though. For the most part, she’s quite content to sit on my feet as I stitch at night.

But lets get onto the good stuff. The List! If you click on the top of the page under either the lovely image on the sidebar or the WIPocalypse link you will find my constantly changing list and semi-regular updates! I’ll also be linking these guys there fore ease of finding and my own records ❤

1. Tale as Old as Time (Mucha Belle)


I have been working on this one since July. Progress comes in fits and starts. I am hoping to finish this one by December. Secondary goal would be to finish all the full, half, and quarter stitches by December so that I can focus on the backstitching.

Honestly, I’m looking at the backstitching and wondering if that won’t take a year alone!!! Holy crap there is a lot of backstitching on this pattern.

I update this one weekly on my Stitching Sundays segments. A few hundred stitches a week and sooner or later I will definitely actually get this one done!

Belle WIP 5

2. Aurora

Aurora WIP 3blogSo this one is a kit from Dimensions. I intend to finish this one this year, hopefully at the rate I’ve been going by July. This is pretty fun, although I’ve already stained the fabric twice… whoops.

I shall post regular updates of this one on my Stitching Sundays regular updates. This picture was taken on January 24, 2016. So progress will go from here!

And yes, I am going to be cruel and not give you guys the preview of the final artwork. You’re just gonna have to come back regularly to watch the progress!

3. Moonlight Serenade


My first HAED and I’m scared. I got this one a few years ago and I still really want to do it! So my goal is to start it! I have (most of) the supplies! I have the will! So I want to get about two pages done on this one, maybe three by December. We’ll see how it goes. It’ll be a long road… but my love of unicorns is great!

Also, that title always makes me think of Sailor Moon. I mean, I know that isn’t what the opening song is called… but it’s very similar. Besides, that unicorn kind of looks like Pegasus. Sort of.

4. Galloping Horses

Galloping Horses3This one I haven’t touched for June 2015. But I am hoping that it is still intact and sitting in my closet where I left it. I would like to get back to this and actually finish it. Since I have a serious love of horses and pretty horse pictures. I think most of my Dimensions kits have horses or wolves on them.

I’m actually not kidding.

I think I sort of have a secondary goal of finishing two Dimensions kits a year. I’d really like to get through my huge collection of them and be able to say that the money I spent on them wasn’t wasted. Anyway, I intend to double check on this sometime in the near future. I won’t start on it though till after I’ve finished Aurora. Only one kit at a time.

5. Temperature Afghan — crochet

No picture as I’m not starting it till Feb 1st, so any images will be on the next check in. But I’ve been seeing this one on Facebook and around the way. Because I live in Colorado, I do experience a wide variety of temperature on any given set of days. So I expect this to be a really cool looking blanket when all is said and done. I’ve been crocheting for many, many years (I think I started when I was 6 or so). I usually do a lot of quick projects right around Christmas for gifts, but this will be my first attempt at a full sized afghan in several years. I’m hoping this works out!

So there you have it! So far only 5 projects but I have a few more in the “idea” stage. AKA, I want to do them, but I’m not sure I have the time. As I move ahead, obviously this list will change and update. I’m excited to get it done in 2016! See you all in February!


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