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Stitching Sundays #7 or I Made Progress!

What’s this? Two updates in one day? Madness! Madness I tell you! Well, not really. Like I posted about earlier, the first bit was a check in for WIPocalypse. Now we’re onto my actual progress for the week! And let me tell you… there was progress made!!!! Like, even I was surprised by it! But let’s get onto the updates:

Aurora WIP 5.png
Yes! Lots of progress! Look at it!!!

Aurora is progressing quite well. If you squint, you can make out two legs! Soon, the creature shall become obvious to all. I hope. My family still can’t see it… but I can! I soon have to start doing the half-stitches that have like 5 threads on the needle. Those get really difficult. But, alas, it is something Dimensions is addicted to.

It does have a cool effect when all is said and done so I understand why they do it.

Sadly, I actually had to do some ripping on this project

Aurora ripping out.png
So sad… at least there weren’t too many.

and that always makes me nervous. I misread the color on that blend (brown/orange and blue). The blue was supposed to be much darker. Kits have only a limited amount of each color, so whenever I have to pull it back out… well, I’m trying to figure out ways to save the thread and use it later. The blue is easy because it is used as a single thread in places.

The brown on the other hand… well, I’ll figure something out!

Other than the small setback, the stitching is progressing quite nicely! I’ll be moving the hoop again soon and that’s always an exciting moment.

And Tales as Old as Time? Take a look:

Belle WIP 6
OMG! I did so much on this one today!!! Holy crap!!!

I added quite a lot of of stitches to the little background oval. There’s only like fifteen/twenty rows left! I guess I’ll finish the oval and then go back to the dress. Maybe. That giant hole still bugs me…

Needle Minder
It’s adorable!

I also got this lovely thing from the speed stitching contest! It’s a little pirate needle minder. I’ve never worked with a needle minder before, but it’s adorable and I think I’ll find it useful. It is nice to put my needle there right quick when I’m taking out knots.

I apparently have a problem with knots. I’m always making them except when I want to make a french knot… I cannot for the life of me successfully make one of those. I had a pattern a while ago where I took out the french knot and replaced it with a simple x to dot an i. It turned out alright, but it probably would have been better if I had managed to do the dot.

So that’s all this week! I’m gonna keep working hard on these. See you next week!

2 thoughts on “Stitching Sundays #7 or I Made Progress!

  1. If you can find an online contact for the company, they may send you more of the floss if you request it. I’ve had a few companies do that over the years, and some of them even did it for free; even the bigger cross-stitch companies can be pretty cool folks.


    1. I haven’t had to do that before… but I’m glad to hear they aren’t jerks about it usually. I am a bit worried about one color, but we’ll see. Maybe just this one section has a lot of the color.


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