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Stitching Sundays #6 or Detail Work

Another week and more stitches done. Not too many though (most of them yesterday). I’ve been getting distracted with everything. Mainly work. We had the district manager drop by for a day and that was exciting and rather scary. I could walk on eggshells better than deal with a Bigwig Visit.

Fortunately it all worked out! She liked the store and life is good!

Now, onto the stitching. I’m going to start with Stitching Pirates.

Stitching Pirates Finished
Artwork by Bonnie Anne DiLuccio. Pattern by Unconventional Xstitch (JodyS)

As I said last week, this pattern was my largest thus far. It took me 66 days (more or less) to finish. All full stitches, which was a lovely break from Tale as Old as Time’s quarter stitches. (so many quarter stitches) I got this pattern to participate in a Speed Stitching Contest with Stitching Pirates on DeviantArt.

I always learn something new with every project I do. On this piece in particular I think I’m starting to work out the extra borders. It really was nice to have plenty of room (unlike my panic with Belle). But let’s start at the beginning:

Everything I needed! Fabric, floss, hoop, pattern

I loved the ease of this pattern! It was black and white and it was super easy to tell where on the pattern I was. The overlap was even super easy!! I wish my Aurora pattern was this simple… It was also the first time in a while I went back to a hoop. It was a bit smaller than I originally wanted, but it turned out to be a good size even if I had to move it a lot as I was finishing up.

I used a bit of stray fabric I had laying around. I recently cleaned up my room and found that I had even more than I thought I had. The fabric I used was a cream/off-white and the blue waves came out better than I hoped for.

11 Days in

This was the second WIP I took. You can start to see the skull and crossbones and the sails. The light cream that made the majority of the sails actually merged a little too well with the color of fabric I was working with. This doesn’t sound like a problem… until you realize just how many single stitches of colors there are!! This was the difficulty with this pattern. So many single, random color changes. I even missed a few!! In the sails it was really difficult because there was a lot of light colors. These random colors had to be tackled after doing a large grouping so that I could secure it well.

This was also a new hoop design for me. It worked great and I loved it!!! That is all I can say, I’m using the same hoop in Aurora. I can’t really describe it, so I’ll be sure to get a picture up sometime. I think it is by Yarnology and I got it at Michael’s. It keeps fabric really tight and that’s always a good thing, right?

I think this is where I will pause on the retrospective. Don’t worry, I have more WIPs of Stitching Pirates and I promise I will get a better picture of the finished work. I’m busy/lazy.

As for updates:

Belle WIP 5
See? I am doing stuff!

Tale as Old as Time is coming along. I usually do this one for long stretches on my days off or during Scorpion or movies in the main room. I’m working hard on the outer circle but I may go and do some more with that skirt. The hole is starting to bug me.

I really should get a better camera than my phone one of these days… all the pictures I take are crappy. But they get the purpose across I think.

Aurora WIP 3blog
Yes I have moved the hoop a little!

Aurora is also coming along nicely. I didn’t get as much as I wanted done. But I hope to get more done this weekend and throughout the week. Though, sadly, I don’t get to bring my stitching to work as Bossman is being nice to the crazy Part-timer and letting her be in the store for a full 8 hour shift. Which is really unnecessary. Perhaps I’ll blog about it.

Bossman is a real softy. But he lets me do my stitching when we have down time. So, that’s a super plus!

See you all next week… or maybe even later in this week. I have something in the works that I can’t wait to start writing about… Until next time!


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