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Stitching Sundays #4 – Better Late than Never

Yeah so… this is like really late. I admit, I’m bad. Its been a long few weeks, but thankfully there is a light at the end of the tunnel and there’s actually progress to share! Admittedly, that’s why I’ve been holding off posting for a while… there didn’t seem to be any real, obvious progress.

Here we are! Look at the progress! Look at it!!!

Not too much in over all length, but look at the left side! You see that! That’s the lower quadrant of the background. I won’t say it’s actually a quarter of the background because, well, it isn’t. But if it’s definitely the lower left quadrant. She is not positioned in the perfect center of the background, taking up more of the left than the right. The lower right quadrant scares me. It’s pretty massive. I’ll probably work more on the length…

Speaking of which… in this endless project of mistakes I discovered a rather large one: I cut the fabric shorter than I’d like. I’ll have a little bit of clearance (about an inch) but I was hoping for more. Originally, I thought I measured out enough for two inches. This gave me quite a bit of a heart attack.

Why I'm Panicking
See all that pretty, frilly stuff? Yeah… it’s gonna be tough…

See, I have to get just about everything in the blue circle (about 70 rows at the last count) into this space:

not as much white space as it looks…

Yeah… I’m in trouble. And I’ll likely be in trouble on the top side because I know I started in the exact middle. It took a number of measurements of the fabric to confirm that I in fact had the right length. Which I do… 22 inches on a project that calls for 21 and change.

Yes, I’m in trouble. Things to file away for the next pattern. I’ll just have to keep chugging away on this one and pray that I’m wrong and I have more room than I think I do.

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