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Stitching Sundays #3: Counting Islands

Welcome to the third installment of Stitching Sundays! Brought to you by Criminal Minds,because who doesn’t like really intense mysteries while doing stitch work? Well, I really shouldn’t, but I’m rewatching from the beginning of the series and so its less intense. Which means I can focus on counting stitches and not on how twisted the Reaper plotline was.

Onto the stitching. First, where I am:

It’s a lot more than it looks like… which is a giant blob of yellow

I’ve added a few more feet of floss. It sure doesn’t look like it. The shade of yellow I’m currently working with has gotten more intense as I moved to the right, but unfortunately it isn’t in a pretty little zig-zag stripe like the previous shades. It mixes with the other yellow in little vertical stripes and groupings further down. And lots and lots of little islands of one or two squares…

Which counting over two and still being a linen novice makes incredibly difficult. I spent much of yesterday counting, figuring out I miscounted, taking stitches out, and restitching. Taking out the stitching is always difficult because it leaves fairly large holes in the linen. Of course, you generally can’t tell after the area’s been redone, but it’s sad at first.

Not too much has been added to the overall length.

full scroll
It doesn’t look like much here.

I’m getting towards the bottom of the linen, which is sort of exciting. Looking forward to further fleshing out the skirt. It’s now up to 4 pages wide on my printed pattern. It’s rather exciting! But, there’s one thing that I keep finding as I stitch: Dog Hair. I live with several dogs and alas, there is no way to prevent the hair from getting everywhere when I’m stitching. I’ve put in quite a number of white and black hairs from my beauties.

Napping away.
Napping away.

When I vacuum I have to empty it three times from all the dog hair. One of the reason I wouldn’t be able to sell kits or probably even my stitching is the sheer amount of pet that is on them. Dog hair is on everything! But they sit there and ignore me and my frustrations with counting.

That’s all for this week! Drop by tomorrow for the next episode of Pokémonday: Grinding and Other Boredoms.


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