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Pokemonday #3 – The Power to Save!

When we last left our Heroine: After a close brush with the infamous Team Flair, Blushie marched onwards towards her goal of Cyllage City and the next gym badge…

Yes, I think I’m going to do this for a while. Because, why not? I mean, it’s sort of like those days when there was a new Pokémon every week. And this is a pretty recent game anyway… Sadly, I did not get much done this week. Now, you might be asking why. And if you guessed it had to do with my dog you’d be right!

That and the fact that I’ve been spending most of my awake hours either at work or talking to my RP friends on Skype. Most of the time I get to play Pokémon comes at night… which will lead to part of our story. But let’s begin:

Before I left Ambrette City, I got my Sail Fossil revived into Amaura. Sadly I was not allowed to give her a nickname, but she’s pretty darn cute.

Speaking as a female, cute factor really is a big deal! I just wanna keep this one this size forever ❤

Then it was down Route 8 where I added Luvdisc to my growing horde. In Cyllage City I ran into a bit of trouble… let me explain…

I like to switch out my pokémon frequently with the exception of my Starter (in this case Sadie) who sticks with me throughout the entire adventure and is by leaps and bounds my strongest. In Ambrette City, I had switched out several of my stronger guys for two newbies I had hoped to train up and evolve: Skitty and Espurr. In doing this, I traded out my Panpour… Bad move, Blushie. You’d think I don’t battle with Rock Types…

Did I mention my favorite type is Fire? I’m totally Team Zuko… I mean… Let’s get away from Avatar: the Last Airbender. Pokémon has more elements… I mean types anyway.

In short, no I’m not really big into the Rock Types. I’ll show you my team and I’m pretty sure you’ll realize my issue:

Skiddo (Grass), Braixen (Fire), Linoone (Normal), Fletchinder (Fire/Flying), Skitty (Normal), Espurr (Psychic). Wanna know who my strongest was? Braixen at Level 31. Guess which guy was my most important? Skiddo, who was only level 20 when I started. I of course had the few things Rock isn’t weak to on my team. Then of course, I got to the gym leader and he pops out this guy:

Having Jurassic Park flashbacks… not the good ones…

This evil little thing about wiped me out and I haven’t lost a gym leader battle in three (yes, three) games! I’m usually so much better but of course my Skiddo didn’t have too many good grass movies and I was running low on potions. So, there you have it.

But in the end, I proved victorious and obtained the Cliff Badge!

Ok, so they didn’t play the Final Fantasy Victory Theme. I don’t care. Too many years of FF and that’s all I hear when I make a grand accomplishment. In game or in real life. I am not ashamed to say I hum it triumphantly when I do something awesome at work. Like make the computer work finally.

Finishing levels are as follows:

  • Skiddo (lvl 25)
  • Braixen (lvl 31)
  • Linoone (lvl 27)
  • Fletchinder (lvl 25)
  • Skitty (lvl 17)
  • Espurr (lvl 17)

So then, I made a quick trade with Farris (Luvdisc for Steelix). After that, it was off to Route 10 where I would obtain

  • Electrike (StaticShock)
  • Hawkucha (Diva)

Remember when I said I tended to play Pokémon at night? Well… I might have fallen asleep playing it. With the 3DS open… and not plugged in. Guess what happened? 3DS died and with it went all my unsaved data. Thankfully, unlike the grand 2 week loss of OmegaRuby where I had to replay 2 gyms and recapture innumerable pokémon, this just sets me back a little.

Meaning that I managed to obtain Voltbeat in the Berry Fields and that’s about it. I’m saving the game nightly now because with my work schedule and the fact that my dog is so sick and I have to get up frequently to let her out, who knows how tired I’m gonna be when I can finally sit down and play? Falling asleep might become more common.

Well, this week, I have learned a valuable lesson about saving frequently. Like in Skyrim. Next week, I shall continue up Route 10 towards a bright and unknown destiny!


Central Kalos Dex: Seen: 76 || Obtained: 54

Costal Kalos Dex: Seen: 28 || Obtained: 13

Long ways to go yet. Come back next week for, hopefully, quite a bit more!


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