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Stitching Sunday #2

The second installment of Stitching Sunday… yes it’s a week late. I had a really rough week, the one before this one. Long story short, my dog is really sick and the vet can’t figure out why. But this isn’t the blog for that. You all are here to see more about Belle.

Long story short, progress has been slow.

progress 7-26
a few more rows of yellow on the right side and those lovely veins of yellow on the skirt.

Like I said, I just haven’t had energy for it lately. But I’m getting back into attempting a few rows every day. Slowly and surely progress will be made! In exciting news, the working area no longer comfortably fits will all the stitching up on the scroll. I have to start rolling! It’s really a fun moment because it’s just a sign of progress!!!

It’s probably about 6 inches in length.
RIP Yellow Highlighter
Rest in Peace.

Sadly, I must report that my faithful Sharpie Liquid Highlight colored his last square early last week. He was a good highlighter and held out a lot longer than I thought! In fact, I’ve hightlighted a lot more than it felt like. It’s hard to remember sometimes that I’ve done several thousand stitches by this point. Each one of those boxes was then filled in on the pattern with bright yellow.

Thankfully, I was able to find a quick replacement because I adore this highlighter and I knew he was dying. Sharpie sells yellow alone in packs of two. Though, I’ve been told Foley (which sells packs of 12 yellow, liquid highlighters) also is a really good brand… I’m just not so sure I want to switch. I’m quite faithful to Sharpie. It got me through many patterns and textbooks.

In short, little progress was made, but progress was made all the same! In short order, I’m going to be really sick of the color yellow. And that circle background is killer. No wonder I’m going to go through 4 skeins of it by the end. There’s a lot of little swirls… that I still have trouble distinguishing, but I’m sure it’ll give it some sort of texture by the end.

Time to keep on stitching! See you tomorrow for the next episode of Pokemondays: Why We Save! Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Stitching Sunday #2

  1. I hate it when a good highlighter dies! I’m not particular to the brand, but I would never use anything but yellow. It unnerves me when I see progress pics and there are multiple colours on the pattern.


    1. It unnerves me as well. Especially because I sit there and go “What? Why? And how are you going to tell the difference in that future backstitching!” I did at one point use multiple colors, and found yellow best, but green was tolerable on most patterns.


      1. It really stems from my stint in academia, when different colours had different meanings. Now if I was to use another hue I’d confuse myself.


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