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Pokémonday #2 – Tall Grass and Flares!

When we last left our heroine she had just started her pokémon journey! Having defeated Gym Leader, Viola in Cantalune City, she set off in search of further adventures on her quest to complete the Kalos Region Pokédex!

If you read that in the announcer’s voice, then my job was done. But it’s that time again, folks. Time for Pokémonday and my continuing adventures through the game of Pokémon Y.

The cool thing about the TV show is that they sort of went with an updated version of the original theme song. Oh the nostalgia! That really is one of the coolest theme songs just period. It always got you pumped! Anyway, on with the show.

Traveling up Route 5 I finally came to Camphier Town. This place was boring and I would have loved to have just sprinted through, but alas, there as a snoozing Snorlax on the bridge and only the Pokemon Flute could waken it. Of course, the Pokemon Flute had been traded to the owner of the Parfum Palace for admittance. Bad move, dude. Especially since this Snorlax problem seems to be a recurring one…

Anyway it was off to the Palace to try and borrow the Flute.

Like most of the time, people just have a lot of flavor text. But one stuck out to me. One of the butlers mentioned that there might be a book in the library about bringing dead pokémon to life. I don’t know if that’s just flavor text or plot hints, but we will see won’t we? Also we discovered that the old king (just called “the king”) made rules about when to view the garden from the Balcony. As a graduate of The Indiana Jones School of Ancient Item Recovery immediately needed to know what exactly the King had built the Garden to explain.

Sadly, I was unable to time it right, or find out when the right time for viewing was. So instead, I chased a Furfrou around the garden until I managed to corner it.

I’m calling it Poodlemon and I don’t care what you say!

But alas, I was not allowed to catch the poodle-mon (I know that sounds like Digimon but I don’t care) as it was conveniently the beloved companion of the owner of the Palace (who is not the king by the way). He begrudgingly allows us to “borrow” the flute and I’m heading down Route 6 towards the Snorlax…

But of course I take a few detours through the Exceptionally Tall Grass in pursuit of Pokemon and $$$… because my reserves got a massive hit by the $1000 entry into the Palace. Greedy owner much?

The conquest of Route 6 was as follows:

  • Honedge
  • Oddish
  • Sentret (named Flashie)
  • Espurr
  • Kecleon (named Klingon)
  • Nicada

Once I was free of Route 6 and finally able to see more than 1 foot in front of me, it was off to beat the Snorlax which I was unable to capture… one very badly timed critical cost me it… and it “ran off”. The owner of the Palace gave back the Flute to the original owner (confusing I know) and all was right with the world. After a quick trip back to the berry patch (I don’t know if I really like this idea of all my berries being in one place… it’s hard to get to if I don’t have Fly… which I won’t for a while), it was down Route 7 for more fun. On Route 7, I obtained:

  • Smeargle (named Sméagol… because)
  • Roselia
  • Ducklett (named Darkwing)
  • Spritzee
  • Croagunk
  • Illumise

Then it was on to the Connecting Cave and Cyllage City… except… it’s blocked. Of course. This is very familiar. Is it possible to get through the cave? Of course, but it looks like it’s one way and requires an HM I don’t have (of course). Hopefully, I’ll get Strength at Cyllage City. So it was off to the long way around… to find a section of the cave that was clear. This is where I obtained:

  • Axew
  • Zubat (oh how I loathe you)
  • Whismur

After I got out of the cave, I had to climb down Route 8 to get to Ambrette Town. At the top of Route 8 I discovered that there are more pokédexs, by obtaining the Costal Kalos Pokédex. Great… I will never complete a dex. Not that I have before… but still. Along the way to Ambrette town, I gained:

  • Drifloon (named Robin because of a scene from the ultimately disappointing How I Met Your Mother… but that is for another blog)
  • Inkay (named Inkspell)
  • Spoink
  • Mienfoo
  • Absol (named Abyss) — I caught him on my first encounter! In OmegaRuby I spent hours chasing him around! I was so excited! Like, I love this Pokémon!

Then I finally arrived in Ambrette town. My neighbor arrived to invite me to go talk to people at the Fossil Lab and try to find out more about MegaEvolution…

A word about MegaEvolution… I find it’s overrated. I mean, like seriously. It’s pretty useless for me because all my Final Fantasy games have left me with a severe urge to power level like there’s no tomorrow (my Sadie for example is currently at level 29 and significantly overpowered. I’m just hoping she doesn’t level up before the next gym battle). And I don’t even like the designs much except for a few:

I mentioned I loved this pokemon right?

Mega Absol and Mega Charizard X (sadly not my game… perhaps I should have picked a different Kanto pokemon…)

Black and blue is such a wonderful combination

In short, I don’t like MegaEvolution as a plot device and I especially don’t like the way the scientists had to “trick” us to go fossil hunting. I like fossil Pokémon. But maybe I’m alone or maybe they just want to keep railroading me… either way it was off to Route 9 and the Glittering Caves.

Route 9 required the riding of a rhyhorn which was pretty cool. And it was fun to smash the rocks in my path without them turning into Geodude. On Route 9 I managed to snag:

  • Helioptile
  • Hippopotas (I was singing I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas for about an hour)

Stuff got real in the Glittering Caves. This was where the fabulous Team Flare made their presence known. I liked the play on words because it is both Flare as in fire and Flair as in fashion. Either way, I’m pretty sure they work for Lysandre. But there was no confirmation on that as of yet. There will be though… since they were talking about fabulousness and he was all about beauty… obvious. After kicking their butts all over the place, we found the scientist looking for fossils and he offered me the choice between two fossils. Like I said I don’t do research on the Pokémons so I picked the Sail Fossil. The other was the Jaws Fossil. I sure hope that mine looks like a sail fish! Those things are awesome and fast. Other conquests in the Glittering Caves:

  • Cubone
  • Machop
  • Woobat
  • Sandile

My evolutions this week were:

  • Metapod to Butterfree
  • Kakuna to Beedrill
  • Spewpa to Vivillon
  • Zigzagoon to Linoone
  • Bunnellby to Diggersby
  • Fletchling to Fletchinder (became a fire type. Infinitely cooler!)

Pokédex count:

Central: Seen: 74 || Obtained: 53

Costal: Seen: 14 || Obtained: 11

Tune in next week for more adventures! Maybe we’ll find out what Team Flare is actually up to! Stay sane and don’t die!


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