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Pokemonday #1 – The Journey Begins

It’s time to start a new journey through the region of Kalos in

Your first question might be: Why Pokemon Y and not X?

Because this was all they had left at Target when I went. And I like the bird better than the deer. In general through, I’ve found that the two editions of any Pokemon game are virtually identical and way fun. So you can bet that X will also be entering my extensive library of Pokemon games. But for the moment let’s concentrate on Y.

I don’t do any research before going into any pokemon game besides looking at the legendary on the cover and going “Oh, that looks cool.” Or “Ew!” in the case of Pokemon Platinum. (I don’t like bugs, give me a break!). So, here we are at the start of the journey through the Kalos region…

I’m the one on the right! Cute outfit right?

Initial thoughts? Darn multiple sprite for the girls? Finally! and look at that cute dress!!! I really gotta hand it to the developers. Even adding those few new things had to cost quite a bit of code! Now, onto the actual story. In my experience, all the games basically have the same sort of beginning so I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the Region Professor recruits five (yes 5) youngsters in his quest to complete the Pokedex. He also sends me with a letter to my mother that says I’m starting my Pokemon Journey. Of course, Mom has no issues sending me on such a dangerous quest, so for the rest of the game I’m just going to assume I am NOT a 10 year old female running around unsupervised and instead am an educated and intelligent 18 year old. Yes, details… don’t question it! Next thing you know you’ll be questioning why Ash is still 10 after some 20 years of adventures. And that, my friends, is when the world ends. Do you want the world to end? Do you? Good, I didn’t think so.

I only have a few hours of gameplay in, so I’ll be short and quick. My new found friends/neighbors/rival give me the option of choosing three between three pokemon. Again, it was nice to see the professor neither being a friend of the family or giving me the choice of pokemon. I make all my in-game choices based on the factors of Dawww, Name Potential, and Cool Factor. Which basically meant, there was only once choice to start my Pokemon journey with:

Isn’t she adorable?! Her name is Sadie ❤

That adorable Fennekin. Yep, once again Blushie begins her journey with a fire-type.

So, first we head up Route 2. I had a great deal of luck on Route 2. Collecting:

  • Pidgey
  • Zigzagoon
  • Scutterbug
  • Bunnelby

I had loads of fun with the naming… most fun being my Zigzagoon named “Ziggi.” If you are a Power Rangers fan like me… you’ll remember a certain green ranger…

Yes, my nerdiness cross-pollinates. But, alas, this zigzagoon was a girl, so instead of y it’s an i at the end of her name.

Santalune Forest was next and I also had great luck there:

  • Panpour
  • Caterpie
  • Fletchling (New species for me)
  • Weedle
  • Pansear
  • Pansage
  • Pikachu (my first pikachu!)
  • Metapod

The entertaining names are: Fletchling Frank (Frank Fletcher being the deceased husband of of murder mystery novelist/amateur crime solver Jessica Fletcher in the TV series Murder, She Wrote which I have blogged about before) and Pikachu “Ashe”… if you don’t get that you are banned from Anime and Final Fantasy. Like I said, my nicknaming can get weird, random, or predictable. Other fun things: YOUNGSTER JOEY!!! he’s still amusing even without his top percentage Ratata.

Next stop was Route 3. Where I acquired:

  • Dunsparce
  • Bidoof

Route 3 was boring. Then it was off to Santalune City where I traded a bunnelby for a FarFetch’d. And proved myself victorious in a bug-gym against Viola. The winning team?

  • Panpour (lvl 5)
  • Fennekin (lvl 13)
  • Zigzagoon (lvl 10)
  • Scatterbug (lvl 2)
  • Pidgety (lvl 10)
  • FarFetch’d (lvl 10)

Upon exiting the gym I made the terrible discovery of Roller Skates. I’m not a fan of these because they use the D-pad which is what I am used to using for navigation. I’m having to retrain my thumb and after 100+ hours in Pokemon OmegaRuby… that isn’t easy.

It was then off to Route 4 and Lumiose City. Pokemon obtained:

  • Skitty
  • Flabebe
  • Budew
  • Combee

In Lumiose City, I finally met Professor Augustine Sycamore. (swoons) FINALLY a good looking regional pokemon professor.

I have a thing for the men of Anime… You’ll be very lucky if I don’t recount my obsessions…

Anyway… after a pointless battle with the Kanto (Kalos… Kanto… hmmm…) starters there was some sort of speech and I got to pick yet ANOTHER starter. Considering my dragon obsession that has followed me for many a year the choice was obvious:

His name is Greer and he is awesome!

Between my choice of pokemon starters being overwhelmingly fire-types and the fact that my first major in college was Chemistry… you might say I’m a bit of pyro… just a bit.

But Bobby “Iceman” Drake is still my favorite X-Men. Rogue should just get with Gambit already!

Then I’m pretty sure we meet our villain: Lysandre. He’s saying some pretty creepy stuff about beauty being all there is and destroying the world to keep it. And he has a cape and big, red, spiky hair! He reminds me of Axel from Kingdom Hearts. Does that mean we can redeem him at the end? I don’t know, but I’ll be watching… I’ve got my eye on him…

After this lovely detour it was off to Route 5. Where I both fell asleep while playing the game and managed to gain:

  • Minun
  • Gulpin
  • Skiddo (so adorable. His name is “Aries” and I don’t care how cliched that is!)
  • Dodou (named Duette and yes I did think of naming her Odette… for the record)
  • Scraggy (Named Shaggy… it was midnight! Question not my decisions!)
  • Pancham (Named Po… This should be obvious)

    Ok… It is unoriginal… but I don’t care. Look at him and tell me you don’t think Kung Fu Panda! Especially since he’s a fighting-type.

Also, I had a chance run in with the Shorts Kid! Wearing a skirt, I felt no need to really correct his philosophy. It was a fun nostalgia trip. Now we come to the final part of our Segment: The Evolution Round Up! After all, this is what we all play pokemon for right?

  • Fennekin to Braixen (far less cute)
  • Scatterbug to Spewpa (as usual, unimpressive secondary bug evolution)
  • Pidgey to Pidgeotto
  • Charmander to Charmelion

Hopefully, this upcoming week will be full of fun and evolutions! Our heroine continues on her quest for Pokedex completion, the love of Professor Sycamore, and the salvation of the Pokemon world! Ok, so I haven’t actually seen the villain being villainous yet… but seriously, I’ve seen enough Criminal Minds to know a serial killer in the making when I see him! At least, in the world of imagination.

Pokedex count:

Seen: 47 || Obtained: 31

Stay sane and don’t die folks! See you on Sunday!

Where do they get all the corphish? Seriously?

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