Taking on Challenges

Ok, so let’s talk about the Belle Pattern.

Yep. This One.
Yep. This One.

I’ve been stitching for many years. And this pattern is without a doubt the most difficult I have attempted. Quarter stitches are kicking my butt and it was my first step towards using linen. Linen is a fabric I had been wanting to use for a while because I hear good things. I’m actually stitching over 2 on 36 count. Which is like stitching 1 over 18 count. Basically, it supposedly makes those quarter stitches easier.

Now while I am not actually punching through the fabric, I certainly am having difficulty with them. The linen strands tend to get close together. They also tend to blend right into the quarter stitches above them. This is annoying and when I make a mis-stitch… God help me!

I haven’t even gotten to the literal yards of backstitching this is gonna require. I’m scared to death of that! I’ve never been a fan of it, but I won’t let that stop me from taking on a pattern that I want to see completed and hanging on my wall! And it’s going pretty well, actually.

Seeing as I started with this:

Empty and white. Look at it. So pure and innocent.
Empty and white. Look at it. So pure and innocent.

And now I’m up to this:

Look! Look! see! Progress!
Look! Look! see! Progress!

Lots and lots of yellow is now all over the white. Sadly, this is most of the work it seems. At least, as I continue to move down the work. I did end up buying a scroll stand and it’s working out pretty well. My arms aren’t getting scratched up any more! It does make ending threads a bit more difficult. My neck doesn’t like it. But it’s worth it for the much longer period where I’m not overtaxing my arm muscles by flipping that oversized scroll.

I’m still freaking out about that upcoming beading and that extensive backstitching. But I’ve got a long way to go yet.


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