She’s not Dead, Jim

McCoy in Star Trek has a few famous lines. Of course the most famous being “Jim, I’m a doctor not a <insert relevant noun here>!” The other being his famous proclamation of death! I have that first line on a tee shirt (I am not kidding). The second one has adorned many a broken machine at my various workplaces. From the cutter to the printer to the computer. Yes, I know, hilarious.

I’m just pretty bad at finding something personal and semi-funny to blog about every day. I think I might start doing blogs on films once a week. Or I might start doing a blog about each episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars until I finish that and then move onto Rebels. Or some combination of both.

It’s my blog I’ll do what I want!

But anyway, I have also been working on cross stitch. It’s going marvelously! See?

Four colors in there!!!

You can actually see the outline of the dress now! Isn’t that exciting? I think it’s exciting. Of course, it’s a little misleading as the orange is really just at the top of her hips.

Belle progress 6-29
the stuff in the circle. more or less.

But this means we now come to a part that is where I make more decisions. Like, will I start making the circle around Belle? Or will I keep going on the dress. I’ll have to scroll the pattern up if I want to keep going down. Or I can mark where the circle would be. There’s lots of choices to make! Exciting right? Well, I’m gonna slip on River Monsters and make that final choice! I’ll let you all know what it is later.

As a side note: I really am coming to loathe quarter stitches. I know I’ve complained about them before, but seriously! This is kind of ridiculous! I can’t get them to work right!

Thank you, Rarity. For always being able to demonstrate how I feel.

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