A Trip Through Bad 90s Fashion

Go! Go! Power Rangers! -electric guitar solo-

I have finally finished the last episode of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers! At least, seasons 1-3. I am making an attempt to watch every Power Rangers Episode of every season in order. Ala Linkara’s History of Power Rangers (which got me into the idea that I should see it all). And my first thought about the first 3 seasons is:

Man, it’s all the bad 90s fashion I try to forget!

I mean, seriously, have you seen some of this stuff?

I mean, look at Zach’s crazy baggy shirt?
Or those glasses? Billy, come on. With out them you’re fairly attractive!
Tommy and his muscle shirts and Kimberly and her scrunchies…

I can’t even talk about the scrunchies. I don’t… I remember them (and being a victim of insanely long hair I did use them). But they are a terrifying accessory. I’m glad the days of scrunchies are behind me. And can I take a second to discuss Tommy and his super-long hair that only got longer as the seasons progressed? I mean he went from this:

Long but attractively long on a guy hair. Yes. I like that length. That is acceptable.

To This:

Ugh… this is way too long. He has to hold the top part of it back with a pony-tail holder. I mean, I wear this style!

I don’t mind long hair but that is a little too much. Just a little.

I can’t wait till Tommy gets to this look. Yes.

But besides the fashion choices and the endless preaching about the environment and community stuff and teamwork (the teamwork thing is in all the Power Rangers, and Yu-Gi-Oh! and just about every other kids show out there so it is isn’t that bad all told) and the environmental thing gets way worse in Wild Force (I remember Wild Force); Power Rangers Seasons 1-3 are really quite fun. They are cheesy and full of bad jokes and 90s stereotypes, but its a really fun ride.

Onwards towards the Alien Rangers!

Still with the same theme song though. Why mess with a good thing?

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